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Re: Sick of paying for people's "Quick reply" messages. $45 for nothing.

Today I got a call from a woman who saw my Quote on They have similar policies. She said her step mom needs help cleaning (she is 82, bless her heart!) BUT she was only interviewing for the position THIS MORNING. I cant just drop my work schedule for this...wouldnt be fair plus she lives quite a long way from where I was working today. Yet - I know Care will charge me a dumb fee for this useless call.

MUCH like TT now.

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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

I just got 3 charges for people they just pressed a button that asks if im available.  why is thumbtack charging me for that. you know if im available that is what the calendar is for. 
its like thumbtack is more concerned with charging the vendors then finding them business. 
its really not fair practices and I and the many other vendors don't like it either. 
charge me for a conversation not a button press
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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

@partyfinesse If TT was serious about helping Pros benefit from money we spend, they would charge us for an actual conversation from people who take the time to type out actual questions. This is the only way to prove they are serious and ready to hire. 

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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

Does anyone know WHY TT is allowing this to happen? It certainly affects their reputation. Dont they care about that? Is it truly all about MONEY? I hate to assume that. I believe TT was buiult with the idea of both making money and giving Pros a place to find new work. That is a quite fair deal. But what has happened at TT in this last year is...simply atrocious. Profit above all is NOT the way to do a good business.

I am STILL getting Requests from as far away as MIAMI! I live in mid state Florida. I have a 15 mile radius for work. Beyond that it just doesnt pay. I no longer get ANY Requests NEAR TO ME!!! WTF is with that? Two Mods said they would help me buit did not. I keep thinking its just me, but I also know it surely isnt.Missannie, totally frustrated with TT's way of doing business. It sure isnt helping me!9/

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Computerized Auto Replies

Yesterday I paid for a $10.95 lead to replace an in-wall double oven. Less than one minute after hitting send I received a reply from the customer. It asked if I was available today and stated my phone didn't show. It was a kinda unusual reply, I checked my first message I sent and surely the phone number was included and same day availability was included. I replied back with "sure and my phone number". As excepted the communication went dead, no reply or phone call. I waited 15 mins and sent a new message asking to "please call to schedule appointment for today". I received a reply about five minutes later stating  "waiting for husband to come home with the oven".  At that point I knew I was had, I reviewed the job posting again it stated  "husband has come home with an oven. We need it installed, today". The reason I risked the $10.95 (which is high for a low chance lead) is they had the product and need service, today.  I haven't heard back from her since yesterday.  Based on how quick the first reply was I feel it was auto-computerized. A reply within seconds. If I don't hear back from the customer today I will be requesting a refund or credit from TT.  If it wasn't auto-computerized, it was misleading.  

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Upset about pricing and their auto quotes

I have been using THUMBTACK for over a year. I loved it!! I told so many people that they should use THUMBTACK to get work.

Now, I feel completely let down by THUMBTACK. Instead of them helping small businesses, they're now hurting us.

In the past, I would spend a few hours every month sending out bids. Out of every 10 bids, I would always get between 1 - 3 jobs. Now, I'm on the computer daily, with fewer and fewer jobs. It's not like I don't have good reviews, I'm a Top Pro. I've been a Top Pro all year.

For the past four weeks, I've spent $600. The month before, I spent $960. That's a lot of money, especially when I haven't been getting work. Plus, all the money I'm lost by spending all my time on the computer looking for work.

THUMBTACK says, "look at the cost of your bids". Well, I do. I prefer doing large events. What is the cost? $60. That's a lot of money for a bid that is often fake or leads nowhere. How many of these bids can I afford a month? How many times do I waste my time hoping that something might pan out? This wasn't how it was before.

Now, THUMBTACK floods our small market with auto quotes. From everything I've read, no one is happy with these auto quotes. We're not able to personalize any bid and THUMBTACK often sends off quotes that are not correct for the job.

One of my clients told me that she got over 100 bids. In the past, we knew that we could offer personalized service and that THUMBTACK was helping us. Now, our voice is ignored. We're told in hear that they're listening but everyone is saying the same thing about pricing and auto quotes.

The system was better before. I would spend around $100 - $150 a month and I got work. That's fair. Now, I spend hundreds of dollars with nothing to show for it.


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Re: Upset about pricing and their auto quotes

November 1 - 15.

I sent out 71 bids.

21 people looked.

8 people connected, all false leads

0 jobs

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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

It seems whenever there is a quick reply like "Sounds good, Whats Next" or "When are you available"   you can see that there are multiple pro's getting the same message. I agree pen to paper is a better approach even though people can still copy and paste. If  this only happened to 5 quotes it might be ok but 15 people getting a quick reply is causing a really bad situation for everybody but TT's pockets. Get rid of "Quick Reply"and tell people when they are about to click a quick reply that it will cause an avalanche of charges to those on the recieving end. 

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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?


TT feels that quick replies are worthy of charges. Their thinking is "customer is interested in the pro". We as pros aren't given a chance to accept/decline a quick reply. The customer may not be a good fit for us, but we are told otherwise. Being a DJ pro, how does TT know what customer is a good fit for me? I voiced my thoughts/concerns/issues with several reps, but to no avail. Hopefully, they will listen and make changes very soon, not in months to come as 1 rep told me.

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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

I sent a quote two days ago, with great misgivings  I have to say. Sure enough - I heard fromm the woman but her job did not fit me at ALL. Plus, she sounded a bit crazy. Her TT Request did not fit what she really needs. I declined and paid, I think, $26 for this