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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

The quick replies withthe redundant questions are the worse. Like: Are you available on my date? If I took the time to send you a quote, I should not be charged because you wanted to ask the obvious. 

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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

This is a good point.  There's definitely more we could do to make sure the quick replies aren't redundant.  It must be especially frustrating to you all to see a quick reply that asks a question you've already answered. 

Will pass this feedback along.

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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

I want to inspire Thumbtack to think outside the box. I have loved Thumbtack from the beginning due to that fact it works for the small business owner. Yelp, Angies list and Home Advisor don't offer this.  I get the change to auto bids for the benefit of all Thumbtack users trying to find help need to get responses. However, I personally need to be able to bid only jobs I know I can do, are on my time frame. I guess I'm looking for that flexibility you offered before the Autoresponse. Just my two cents. 


On the good note. Love your website- simplicity and user friendly. And appreciate not to many reachout e-mails

from Thumbtack for constant feedback.

LeAnn with Help to Organize 

Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

Jason, since this was almost four months ago can you give a little insight into exactly what  is being done to make the quick replies not redunant? Because I was just charged for another one and I'm at the end of my wits here. Do you understand how much we're being hosed by these? I assume you have visibility into our accounts, go ahead and look. I just got another response back from support declining to refund my $46 because it was "the value of a connection with a potential customer". You would have to be crazy to think that a mere conection with a POTENTIAL customer is worth $46. Do the math. For every actual conversion I'll have spent a hundred to a few hundred. That's not feasible at all. I'd probalby get 10 leads with $46 using FB or Adwords.


Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

Hi @acollinsphoto t sounds like the issue here is less with the quick replies themselves, and more with the price you're being charged for that contact.  And we're working hard to reevaluate our prices and ensure that the fundamental price you're paying is fair and reflective of the actual value of the lead. As always, keep the feedback coming! 

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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

I got a request yesterday and responded. SHe asked for a specific date and I sent her a quote. THe only thing they asked me was " when are you available ?" even though they specified they wanted a specific date. Within seconds Thumbtack made $13. I quickly contacted the customer ( twice in fact since we are not DESPERATE to get the jobs knowing we are charged because someone said ONE thing to us ) and I heard nothing back. Profit from that job is $13 for Thumbtack and ZERO for me . Great deal !! Loving this !!(Oh wait, I am not loving this) 

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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?


I know what you mean. Couple of weeks ago, I spoke with a rep via phone. I was told to try Promote, and I was charged for 2 generic replies. They were leads that I wouldn't have bid on in first place because they weren't a good fit for me. I tried getting refund but was told it wasn't in their policy. Yet it was a rep who told me to use it, not me. So I'm out $43, and it's in Thumbtack pockets

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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

I have tracked down and actually visited a few of these inquirers and been told that they send the quick reply to EVERY pro that shows up in their search. That way, they feel it provides a better means of comparison. All it means to the majority of pros is money down the drain with  little or no return.

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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

In my experience, the customer is clicking on it, b ut they really aren't that interested. I responded to them, but they NEVER wrote me back. So it wasn't REALLY a lead. It didn't REALLY start a conversation.

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Re: Is quick reply worthy of charge?

@Serge wrote:
I dunno. Its a lead, even if it seems small, it's a start of a conversation

For the price TT is charging, no it's not an appropriate quality lead for the price.  For example a company that gives you all of the client's info exclusively for 24 hours and then sells the lead to 5 more people, then sell the lead as part of a more general list.  At all 3 points the cost of the lead decreases , at the first two points the info is guaranteed to be viable E.g No "Minnie Mouse on 123 main street". No invalid phone numbers or Email.   


A one click reply is not worth more the a completed booking.