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topic id 33199: IDEA- Integrity & Balance by Customers & Pros
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Re: Payments

@Ariel on Thumbtack pros are charged for leads. A lead is the first time a customer messages, calls, books an appointment, or hires them. You won't get hired from every lead, but the idea is to close the deal often enough to make your spending worth it.  To learn more about what qualifies for a refund you can take a look at our refund policy here:

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Re: Payments

However, a requestor who doesnt respond, call back, book an appointment with any of the service providers is NOT a lead. Thumbtack should refund, not credit, the charge....and Thimbtack's policy states that a provider will mot be charged if the requester's response is no thanks. So again, a no response should be refunded
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Re: Introducing the TackMaster program.

Hopefully something will get done.Quote cost in my field have more than quadrupled in the past couple years!

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Is anyone else getting charged without actually getting hired? How is this fair? We should get a refund.
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Re: Payments

That is how Thumbtack works, you pay for the lead whether or not you are hired.


Re: Payments

@Truone830 you're charged to get introduced to customers. Whether it's customers reaching out to you directly through search results or them responding to a quote you sent through the jobs tab, that's when you're charged. If you have any other questions regarding your charges or how Thumbtack works, don't hesitate to reach out! 


I was charged for a job...that I didnt even get
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Re: Paymentl

Keep in mind that there is no part of the Thumbtack model that relies on you actually getting hired or getting paid for your work.
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Re: Paymentl

You're probably in good company @Gilliamashley88, because it is likely that a bunch of Pros like yourself paid for the exact same lead as you did and none of them got hired either.

When you pay for a lead via Thumbtack all you are paying for is the 'introduction'. There is no guarantee that you will get hired, no guarantee that your lead will even respond to you when you try to engage with them and no guarantee that they are actually a genuine lead.  

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$28 for one house cleaning lead????

I'm new here so learning the ropes. I for sure never would have signed up if I knew I would be charged $28 for 1 lead????? And no guarantee of getting hired? I'm very confused!!