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Lead pricing

As the saying goes, "Once bitten - Twice shy", I've been avoiding contact with potential clients because Thumbtack does not provide the cost of the lead prior to contact.

This seems rather sneaky and underhanded. The cost of the potential lead should be displayed so I, the actual paying customer, can decide if the job is worth following up on.

I'm very close to  jumping ship if this problem is not corrected soon!!

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Re: Lead pricing


They don't see that way. I've given my input numerous times about wanting to see the prices along with customer profile first. Then if I reply to customer, I don't mind being charged. Nothing wrong with that. What don't they understand for us to see product information first?

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Re: Lead pricing

Angieslist had it right from the beginning. The client subscribes to the service and it costs the contractor nothing. That way the client has some skin in the game and is more likely to approach contractors with  serious intent rather than Thumbtack's "tirekickers".

Re: Lead pricing

@Hammerhead   in Promote, the cost of the lead isn't shown, TT will tell you it's a $$ range. on the jobs board, under 'more info' the cost of the lead is shown.

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Re: Lead pricing

The majority of my leads have been $75. That's quite a sum for a small job that's not guaranteed.  In my 25 years, most of my work has been from referrals and repeat business. Getting leads online is just a way to fill the occasional voids.

Re: Lead pricing

@Hammerhead   that's awesome. my referral business is growing as well, it all started with TT and online leads.  in 2017 I did 80% of my work from TT leads, now it's closer to 10%...they're slowly starving out pros, forcing them to use promote and spend unnecessary monies on leads that go nowhere.    

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Re: Lead pricing

I totally agree they’re trying to charge 75$ for a air 4’ by 5’ AC slab!
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Re: What to do if a customer ghosts you.

I just spent at least 1 1/2 hours texting with TT support. Unable to actually speak to someone anymore. Very frustrating. This new pricing structure is crazy expensive. If I opt out of promoting my business at a very high cost per lead, then I drop in search results. Not fair. I have worked very hard to build my reputation with TT and my potential customers and paid a lot to TT over the years. I don't get it!

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Re: What to do if a customer ghosts you.

@WoodyI'm right there with you. Many of us are. No matter which platform Thumbtack has used over the past 10 plus years (I've been using Thumbtack for that long as well) whether it was paying for leads using credits, ProAssist, Instant Match (which I had some success when that platform was in play) & now Promote the one frustrating fact is that when the lead viewed your quote in the days when credits were used or if they ask you a question using one of the generic conversation starter questions is they are not required to provide their phone number or e-mail address. That's a hell of a price to pay & not have ANY contact information. The lead also doesn't know that when they do contact us that we get charged. THEY SHOULD KNOW!  As a service pro I have to provide all of my contact information & provide a great profile. Throw a bone my way & let me have that leads phone number & e-mail address. So now for those of us who don't use Promote & use the manual quoting system it's almost like being on a sports team & relegated to the far end of the bench. Our past accomplishments & successes mean nothing. If you want to get back in the game & move away from the far end of the bench you gotta pay. In my opinion that's what using Promote sounds like to me. I'd rather control what jobs I take & know upfront how much that lead is going to cost me. That's the way it should be like it is with many other lead services out there.

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Re: What to do if a customer ghosts you.

@Woody was there something in particular that maybe I could help you with? Could you tell me more details about what made you want to stop promoting?

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