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Leads "Related To" a Pro's Services

I realize that we do not get charged for Leads in areas that are "Related To" a pro's areas of services offered unless we reply and then get a response, but curious what logic goes into the decision making. 

Here is a good example. Not sure "Personal Injury" is related to "Divorce Attorney."  



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Re: Leads "Related To" a Pro's Services


Gotta laugh at it..I guess, when getting a divorce, maybe personal injury is a new practice for a divorce attorney, especially if someone is caught cheating.

Kind of like when I received a lead for Comedian services, when I'm a DJ/MC. I was told that they are similar..

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Leads "Related To" a Pro's Services

@MR thanks for your feedback on this, I'll definitely pass it along! Keep in mind that you have the option to pass or quote on the jobs in your Jobs tab, so if it's not a job you're interested in, feel free to pass on it. 

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