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Leads where the customer doesn't know their budget.

Why do leads where the customer lists "I'm not sure" under budget cost about the same as leads where the customer does know and lists their budget?

I'm proposing that these "I'm not sure" leads should be free and then if the customer hires a pro, then a fee should be charged to the hired pro.

I try to stay away from "I'm not sure" leads because I'm afraid of paying $30 for someone who is just price shopping.

But I could see the possibility of someone not knowing what services in my industry cost and could end up hiring me.

I feel like Thumbtack needs to find a better balance for these types of leads to serve both the pro and the job poster.

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Re: Leads where the customer doesn't know their budget.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this @StoriesUpSTL. I'll be sure to send this to our teams to look into. 

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