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Let's talk about the Pro's profitability using the Thumbtack Lead Generaton System

After reading all the threads on this Community Forum, I would be very interested in hearing if there are Pros that have found a way to make the new Thumbtack System work profitably for them?  Everything I have read says TT should be listening & re-implementing solutions that help the Pro and the Customer achieve 5 Star results. They will make legitimate fees if they do.

Our business has been unable to make the new system work and I would like to see if we can hear some recent longer term success stories?


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Re: Let's talk about the Pro's profitaility using the Thumbtack Lead Generaton System

We have recently made the decision to discontinue using Tumbtack altogether. Our services are in the $100-300 range and so far we have paid more to Thumbtack than we have ever recouped in actual paying jobs. We have found that using the money to post Facebook Ads was far more effective.

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Re: Let's talk about the Pro's profitaility using the Thumbtack Lead Generaton System

From the few weeks that the new system has been in play, I think that the new system with the search bar is great! I think customers getting that side-by-side view of pricing and an ability to filter their needs only benefits us as vendors as it creates a more direct pathway for customers to connect with us.