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Re: More reasons for no refunds - Here we go again! Another one!!!

@DefiningImagery I'm not going to go and change any of your settings, but I did send you a private message. Take a minute and look that over and respond once you have some time. I truly want to help in any way that I can. 

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Re: More reasons for no refunds - Here we go again! Another one!!!

What they are trying to say that it is a big deal to charge to credit card and you have it refund it.  It would be a nice instant of TT charging our credit card the charge. But for us to prove the charge before you charge it.  This cause problem with our banking. 

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Re: More reasons for no refunds

I added "Due to changes at Thumbtack this is only a guide and this quote may increase or decrease. Please notify Thumbtack that you are unable to get accurate quotes." 




Re: More reasons for no refunds

@DefiningImageryAnd you shouldn't have to come on here, waste your time to complain, just to have someone look into a problem that shouldn't even exist. Time is valuable to small business owners, something that must have been forgotten with these new "improvements." And there will be a lot of people looking for refunds because of this.

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Re: More reasons for no refunds

TT needs to make changes bigtime.

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