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Here is one of issue that is not helping us get the valued, filter, promoted leads we are paying for. This is a service website. The home page even says “Get Free Cost Estimates”. Which they should. But why am having to pay just to tell someone my price? That is wrong! And it goes against the concept as to why we pay to be on promote. Customers are looking for the service and the price. Basic information that they should know before contacting us. The question “request a quote” is not on my event videographer service but IS in this category and I am forced to pay for people just looking for pricing. Price comparison should be apart of the customers filtering process BEFORE they contact us. I understand that some a lot of jobs need more information in order to give accurate estimate. Even in my event videography services there are a lot of factors but at least we can put a estimated hourly rate. There has to be a way to actually filter these services better to give the customer at least some price range so we are not paying just to give a price. The only option a customer should have is ONE blue text button is “contact pro” - no other option. And that is ONLY after they have actually been filtered through the list and the absolute best pros are presented to them. But that is not happening. Why are there any other options for the customer? “Check availability” WE ARE available because we set our calendar and that is the reason we are being shown to them. “Request A Quote” we already were filtered to them based on their budget range in accordance with time needed (in my case) . “Request A Call” what is the point of this question? Just click “message” or “contact pro” . Truly implement the filters that are the whole bases of filtering and paid promote.

This week I got a “Venus reached out” .... a PAID, $22.09 and 20% off because promoted. My rate is shown - she wanted photographer for event for 4 hours and my “estimate” was shown to her - $455. However when I looked at the information I paid for - it clearly says her budget is UNDER $250? So how did this lead get to me? I mention this in a post yesterday. I requested a refund and was denied yesterday. So not only is the filtering we are paying for not accurate, when there is a true discrepancy - we still are forced to pay. So disgraceful. Setting preferences IS important but Thumbtack must make significant changes for us paying customers start getting results that really are of value. It is very clear and so obvious that the system is targeted to get customers to click so we have to pay unnecessarily. Promoting and reminding and sending the request out to the entire service category within minutes - pushing and pushing for customers to click - “contact - message - request a estimate”. It’s so disappointing and discouraging. To know that I went about four years booking 1 out of 4 requests - because I only reached out to those I was a perfect fit for - why it’s not working now when turned around and to be truly “filtered”? And to have TT keep saying over and over about changes coming .... it’s just truly sad.