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I usually have to pay for 3 or 4 matches for every 1 job i get.

This means i spend about $20 +/- to get a job in which charge a flat $50.

Not much profit there, but i make it work.

I just dont understand the math tho- I am competing against pros offering $10 repairs, $20 repairs, there is even a $1 repair im competing against.

If it costs me about $20 to get a $50 job, then how are these guys making any money? If they charge far less than the legit competition, thats one thing. But how do these guys charge less than it costs to even get the repair? There has to be some sort of trick or price gouge coming later, right?

Surely this is throwing up some red flags for Thumbtack... right?

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Re: Math


Any response to what Ive written above?

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Moderator Meckell

Re: Math

@jasongarrison thanks for starting this conversation. It's up to each professional to determine how they want to price their services, it's not something we usually intervene in. One thing that I want to point out is that your work definitely speaks for itself. You have 160 hires, 114 reviews and a profile that goes into great detail of the work that you do. That's what customers look for, a good quality pro.
I looked further into your account and found that the last four customers that hired you, only messaged you. That goes to show that although you may charge more than others, you're still winning customers over. Keep up the great work! 

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