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New pricing structure

this is my first time here. I have a lot of requests for wedding officiant and have not complied. I am concerned about 'budget' and do not understand how much I am to release and what I receive in exchange

please explain

thank you


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Re: New pricing structure

@SereneLee welcome to Thumbtack and the Pro Community! To start I'm seeing in your account that there are jobs appearing on your Jobs tab. These are sent your way when a customer looks through the search results and reach out to a pro with similar job preferences, because you may also be a great or even better fit. You can then choose whether or not if you'd like to send them a quote and will only pay if they respond. When sending the quote you can see what the cost will be for the response.

Any leads that show up in your inbox will be from when customers have looked through the search results and reached out to you directly. With your preferences off, you'll choose to accept or decline the contact along with the amount listed. With preferences on you'll be charged as soon as the customer reaches out at a 20% discount, and also show up higher in the search for being more available to customers.

Your budget is the weekly maximum amount that you are willing to spend per service that you offer. Once you've hit that amount for the week you will not show up in the search results and any other contacts you may receive, you'll be given the choice to opt into it and spend more if you'd like. I see that you currently only offer the one service of Wedding Officiant, I'd make sure that you've gone through and selected all of your settings, preferences, and prices HERE. Those will help us determine which jobs to show you for and send your way.

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