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Oberservations on Charge Catergories

Just wanted to send some observations from things I have seen on the site and just my ideas for improvement.
1.  I think the Check Availability button is confusing for the prospective lead.  If you look below, I think you can get the impression that if I hit the Check Availability button it will give me a list of times and days that the service provider has openings.  I definitely do not think they feel the button is to get in contact with the provider to find out what the availability is.  You get a lot of contacts from this, with the client ghosting you in return.  I think once they see they don't get to see some openings they move on and may even go to another site to find a provider.  The real teller is that I turn these around quickly and even on ones where I was the only provider selected I get a high rate of no contacts.  
2.  On the Request a Call.  In the customers profile you are having them give you their phone number.  If they request a call, I think they feel since they have given this info already that we are given this as well.  Why if the clients hits this is this information not give to the service provider?  We are paying for the lead and they gave this information already.  We should not have to then contact them to chase down information that has already been entered on this site.  It is counterproductive to both parties.  The customer clearly wants a call.  The button does not say "Schedule a Call" or "Request to Schedule a Call", it states they are Requesting a Call so they are expecting a call, not an email asking for their phone number and when can I call you.  Again, I stress, the lead has been paid for, they asked for the call, we should get the number to make that call.
3.  The client enters their address in the system as well.  There should be a way to have that into passed to us once they mark us as hired.  Instead of us asking for them to type out all of the information that they have already input into the system, why not have it where we can just request they mark us as hired and once they do that the information is then passed to us to book the appointment.  We should get their address, phone number and email once we are hired.  
Just some input from my perspective.  I really do think though that anytime we pay for a lead we should at least be given their contact phone number at a minimum so that we can follow up with them by phone if they do not respond via the platform.  
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Moderator Kameron

Re: Oberservations on Charge Catergories

@ProDryCincy thanks for taking the time to view these from the customer perspective and for then sharing your feedback with us on them. I'll be making sure to log and share each of these pieces of feedback with our product teams.

In the meantime, I suggest taking a look at our recent feedback loop post HERE. In this post, we included the common request for more customer information like their phone number and the reasons why we've chosen not to require it from them.  

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Re: Oberservations on Charge Catergories

Kameron, pay attention to what I am saying with the phone number.  I'm not asking for it in ALL cases.  But don't you think if the customer requests a call that this should be given to us?  My point is that alot of customers feel we already have this info because they input it into their profile.  If they request a call, then you can't use the logic that they like other means of communication.  THEY requested the call.

Moderator Kameron

Re: Oberservations on Charge Catergories

@ProDryCincy thanks for making sure to clarify. That's definitely how I had read it at first and you make a valid point, I just wanted to share some additional context around the subject.