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Welcome back @CindyKenney, let's get you caught up to speed. Things have changed. Instead of paying to send out every single quote and wondering if you'll get a response, you now send quotes for free and pay once a customer responds, contacts you, or schedules a booking. Because it is a more valuable contact, you will see that prices are more than they used to be. If you want to learn more about this change, watch this video here

Your budget is there to be in control of your spending. You set an amount that you're willing to spend on responses for the week and we won't ever go over that amount. Keep in mind that although you have a budget set, you're never actually charged until a customer responds. If you have a balance in your Thumbtack account, we'll use that first before charging the card on file. 


Customers let us know that all they really want is a clear estimate and details about your business. A pro’s profile and reviews are the most important factors for customers and that's why we made the change. What they see is a price estimate, your Introduction, star rating and number of reviews. When they like what they see, they can click through to your full profile for more information about you. 

I know change can be kind of scary but we’re always working hard to help you meet interested customers and get hired. If you have any other questions, let me know! 

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Thank you for your kind response, but I am quite up to speed on how the "new system" works - and it's the absolute worst solution I could have imagined! Sending one quote FAR exceed my budget! So you priced me right out of the entire system! And that's with no guarantee of getting a client.

I beg of your team to try to understand this. While you guys claim that after you've given us a targeted contact and they have responded, then "it's up to us to drive the final sale." That sounds well and good in theory - but there are some HUGE PROBLEMS WITH THAT.

1.  Most of us are NOT sales people. We are not here to get sales jobs. So nabbing that sale, while a helpful tool in freelance, is often something that many will always be lacking.

2. To really gain a customer's confidence, it takes longer than one simple response to seal the deal. (At least in my professions as a writer, editor, speaker, and Wedding Officiant.) I can only assume that is often the case in many other industries, too. But if we don't seal that deal immediately, we are charged an outrageous fee that extremely few can afford! 

Example: When I am sending a quote to be someone's Wedding Officiant, I am more interested in being the "right fit" for them than I am in actually "getting the job." This is an important day in a person's life and more than anything, I want them to be comfortable and happy that they chose the right person. I'm fine if they want to get to know me a little first, have a few conversations, and so on, before making that decision. That doesn't at all fit in with your new system . . . hardly.

3.  I watched your video and read many things with regard to your new system, doing my best to understand how you are determining a price for my quotes that are answered. I can't begin to figure it out! And I can't believe that it would cost me $75 for just ONE QUOTE to be someone's Marriage Officiant!!!!! That is so over the top ridiculous! 

When I initially started on Thumbtack (when I was much busier) I looked forward to coming back because I was very impressed with the quality of some of the customers and the way in which things worked overall. It seemed very professional, and although a bit expensive, still doable due to the fact that it looked like I would be exposed to actual customers. I can't tell you how disappointed I am!

4.  Last - why do you put all of the burdens on the pros???? You require SO very little from those who want to hire pros! Most requests require extremely little information - most times - too little to even provide a very accurate quote! There is where you need BIG changes. Your employers need a much more extensive form that MUST be filled out in complete before they will even allowed to be posted!  This will help to eliminate some of the fake requests or people simply fishing around to "see what something might cost." It may require some work! You may need different forms for different occupations and/or fields. But I think you would find this a very worthy endeavor and would prove to EVERYONE that this is truly a more quality service that is worthy of use. (It still would in no way justify the ridiculous costs you charge pros.) 

Seriously, if you don't change this new pricing program soon, I can't imagine that you will be around all that much longer. I have yet to read ANYONE who has said "Wait! I think this is a great new system!" Instead, all I read are tons and tons of complaints! I can't believe you haven't completely scrapped the new system, gone back to the old one, and returned to the drawing board. Just admit you made a mistake. Eat the cost and move on. You'll got a LOT MORE respect from your users than continuing to try to push this through until everyone leaves!

One last thing. Although you answered part of my question about your "new pricing," you completely ignored my question: Can I use Thumbtack WITHOUT the new pricing system, and if so, how?  And my second question: On one of my pages I don't have an opportunity to send a bid letter request. Why not???? 

Thank you for hearing me out.

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Bidding wars

When there price is beatable its good to serve from within to just lend a hand,cutting prices in half 😎
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Paying when not getting hired

Hi my name is Chris and i run a very small and private security company and ive ended up paying more for quotes then getting paid for the work. It has gotten so bad that i havent been able to use my account because i still owe one more payment of 11.23 but im not sure if i will continue my account because if this continues i wont be able to make money at all

Re: Paying when not getting hired

@SEOWarde I'm not seeing a pro profile connected to your community account. I'm wanting to look into it and see if there are any tips I can give you to stand out to your customers and win the job. If this is something you'd be interested in, go ahead and send me a direct message with your account email address and we can get started. 

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Ridiculous pricing!

I used to love this site, but now they could care less about their pros. I do asphalt sealcaoting in S. Florida. I used to pay around $3.50 a quote, now I pay $9 a quote. Most of the driveways down here are small, they are $80-$100 driveways. If I pick up 1 out of every 3 I quote, that's almost a 1/3 of the total cost of the job. TT charges the same $9 a quote for asphalt resurfacing which can run in the thousands. Does this make the least bit of sense. Now I got charged for a quote that I never even talked to the customer, because they say she called me. BS, I have no missed calls or messages from that customer. Even tried contacting her and nothing. I might as well have wadded up the $9 and thrown it out the window. It's pretty obvious there is no research going on as far as their quote prices go, just throwing numbers out there and see what sticks. $9 for a quote for sealcoating is ridiculous and at this rate they won't have any sealcoat pros left over time, because who can afford to give a 1/3 of their money to TT. It's a shame, it was such a great site, now they are just money hungry like everyone else.

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Do we pay, just for customer questions?

I'm new here, but this way it's easy for the Thumbtack company to earn my money, I have to pay by email for quotes, without doing any work, or even designing some client that came from this platform.
I will not use it anymore, my money is not being born in trees, I'm sorry.

I'm not against paying, but I agree to pay as long as I sell the work.

Totally frustrated with this

Re: Do we pay, just for customer questions?

I’m with you there FGcleaners! It seems like I have paid a lot out for clients contacting me to see if I’m available and then when I respond, I never hear back. There needs to be a better way of answering questions and then paying if we get hired. I have no problem paying for the positive referrals, but paying to just reply that I’m available or not is getting to much! #VeryFrustratedWithThis
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Re: Do we pay, just for customer questions?

@FGcleaners you asked "Do we pay, just for customer questions?"

We didn't used to as we had an option to pass on replying when a potential client sends us a message. As far as I can tell, under Instant Match, that seems to have gone away. Not helpful to us Pro's is it?

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Re: Getting charged for customers questions

I have had the same problem I used to get charged $5 for somebody taking interest now I'm charged $26 and it's the same question what is your availability?what is your availability?what is your availability?and that has nothing to do with me