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Level 5

New "pay per contact" extremely unaffordable

I am one of the many who has declined my thumbtack useage.  I am not able to afford the random and extremely high charges that are associated with the new "pay per contact".  At first, i hoped they would pull back on this, but it seems they are in for the long haul.  At least in my industry, this is no longer affordable to use as a method of finding work.  I've dropped my requests from 20 a month to nearly zero.

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Re: Bad reviews

The constant response is that they see this and are working to fix it.  So far, after a couple months of this new system in my area, I see zero action being taken.  Thumbtack knows what they are doing, they have become greedy.  As a result, many, many contractors have been blindsided by massive increases in their fees.  This does not seem right.  I have not been able to send quotes due to my quotes going from $3.33 per quote to now over $20 if I am contacted.


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Re: Bad reviews

It doesn't seem like they are going to lower the cost of quoting. I have called, written, complained, pleaded my case. It's not happening. Thumbtack has bankrupted me this summer and I am top pro, 44 hires, rave reveiws. But I am no longer quoting. I gave it one more try too many times. So I think the universe is telling us to move on. Maybe thumbtack will appeal to some independently wealthy editors who can afford to throw money away but it is not helping me at all. 

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High cost

I used to be very happy with sometimes but since the instant match crap has come out it's costing me a fortune $45 for me and then when I do. There is also nine others video for the same job seriously considering moving over to tried them four times and actually got two of the jobs they only allow for pros to quote at a time that's a 50% turnover for me compared to Thumbtack which is around 10% or less
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Higher Cost

I've been a Top Pro for the past 4 years.  Highly successful on Thumbtack.  I've posted many times on how this new system with Instant Match and triple the cost are unspeakable.  As this month closes it is even more clear to me how this change has severaly changed my business.  I spent $119.72 to pay for 6 quotes that contacted me.  Not to mention how many quotes I sent out for the entire month - at least 15 a week.  One person hired me for $225.  Five of those that contacted me never got back to me after the first contact.  We exchanged a few messages but then they disappeared.  This never happened before.  EVER.  The other five people didn't hire anyone else on TT either - as of yet.    My profit for June $105.28?  For a 3 hour job?  So that's about $35 an hour?  As a professional photographer?  NO.  Last year month of June I booked 8 projects for $2705.00.  That was an average month.   I am willing to hang with TT to see if things change soon.  I was sooooo successful the last 3 years . .  .  It's been 90% of my income - that's how good it's been.  But with these numbers - a Top Pro like me can not ignore the facts.  And as I read - the same goes for other successful pros on TT.  HOpe you find a solution quick so you don't loose us Top Pros - - -  then again - - -   we are the 4% so maybe our voices are not recognized as much.  Not sure - but willing to hang a little longer and have faith that it will turn back.    

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Re: Higher Cost

I love the way they continue trying to sell us the new platfotm..."It's official, you don't pay for quotes anymore." I never noticed any of complaining about having to pay for quotes. This was not done for our benefit. many other pros, I absolutely loved TT. I praised them, recommended them, and was happy to pay for the service.
I even used the service to find help on occasion. Years ago I had some experience with home advisor. 20 contractors would call on the same lead. The client would get worn out and just tell us they didn't want anymore quotes. That's where TT is headed.
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Re: Higher Cost

They keep saying they are working on it, and yet nothing changes (even with the PAGES and PAGES of users complaining about this arbitrary, unexpected, and destructive policy change). I haven't bid in almost two months, and am not planning to until they change their policies. I have a feeling the are just waiting for us all to give in and pay more, but I am going to give them til Oct 1st, then I am deactivating my account. Fingers crossed.

Re: Higher Cost

As other pros have stated the cost has increased tremendously in the last months this year, i really feel annoyed to pay for people who contact me and after I reply I never heard back from them but yet Thumbtack charge me $20+ dls per contact 😡 I haven’t been able to get a single job in the last 2 months!
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Re: Higher Cost

They are getting multiple Pros quoting one job so in some cases it is $20 x5 that Thumbtack gets even though the client may not hire here. 

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Re: Higher Cost

As a contractor (carpentry, handyman) I agree. I was blindsided by some of the cost for customer contacts. ( ne  was just a general inquirey who thanked me for my interestand would be in touch ($45 down the drain). Since then they have posted the cost of a customer contact but so outragious that I cannot afford to respond. Whoever assigns these prices has no idea how quoting a job is impossible without more detail  provided by the customer inquirey. I loved Thumbtack before this awful change.