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Re: Outragous cost

I am beginning to think most of us are annoyed with the wrong people. I seriously doubt that the Mods on these threads are in any position to make changes. Reading their responses I keep seeing the message "we pass on the feedback but change is slow." I used to assume they were just avoiding real answers. Now I am starting to think that most Mods here do want to help but simply CANB'T....they do not have the power to do so.

Yes, the answers  we get on these threads is annoying and doesnt really answer many questions.  I worked as a Mod on an enormous online support group for several years. It was a tough job. But I can tell you that I had absolutely NO power to change things on that forum. That was not my job. This group originates out of Britain, not the USA. 99% of the members had NO issues with the forum, but on occasion someone did. The members lived all over the world.

Yes. I would like real answers but more than that I want to see real changes. Most of us cannot afford the high fees we pay here. Our small businesses are really hurting from this. I have looked everywhere I can for online sites for house cleaning jobs and belong to most of them already. They arent giving me much work either but at least I can AFFORD to use them!

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How Does Thumbtack Determine Their Pricing?

I'm about to be charged $42.17 on an Instant Match request for Sarah since she contacted me earlier today for a 4 hour DJ event.  She's going to have between 26-50 guests. I texted the chat team & the reasons they give are, size of the job & the contact costs are higher using Instant Match. Canned robotic answers. 26-50 people at an event is not a large job by any stretch. This charge is outrageuous to say the least! Thumbtack has no rhyme or reason to charge the way they do. They just spin the roulette wheel & wherever the price lands that's what you'll be charged. You folks need to do a much better job of explaining your payment costs to me. As a consumer I need to see a breakdown line by line of what exactly is being charged leading up to the final payment amount. Perhaps I need to contact the Better Business Bureau.

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Re: How Does Thumbtack Determine Their Pricing?


@Hankster wrote:

 Perhaps I need to contact the Better Business Bureau.

This very line brings up another interesting fact. Thumbtack has had 1000's of comments submitted about their new pricing to both the BBB and various other sites. When I spoke to a customer service rep the other week and brought up how they had a lot of negative feedback over the changes and that they should address them, I was told they DO NOT care about their reviews. Now just stop and think for a second, in order for us to be listed as a "Top Pro" we have to maintain a 4.8 star rating on our profile, but Thumbtack give 2  about what they are rated.....

Plus I was told that if I didnt like the new pricing structure I should look elsewhere as they were not going to be making any changes. The gentleman said he has heard nothing but compaints and he was tired of us "Pro's" calling into complain.

So, this just goes to show how TT is thinking and that these posts by moderators are just to lead us on....

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Re: How Does Thumbtack Determine Their Pricing?

@FestiveLights I'm sorry to hear you were given that information and I wanted to give you some insight. We do care a lot about what pros think and take reviews very seriously. If you look on the BBB, you'll see that we respond to every complaint that comes in trying to help in any way that we can. 

As far as the pricing structure, we know that pros aren't happy and we are indeed working on it. You can see more about that in Jason's post here. Our posts aren't to lead you on by any means, we truly want to help in any way that we can. With that being said, keep the feedback coming! You can send me a private message with your suggestions at any time or submit them directly to our Product Team here.

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Re: How Does Thumbtack Determine Their Pricing?

Yea big shocker
The mods have no power.

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Re: How Does Thumbtack Determine Their Pricing?

@Jayme - Ah! Someone has made an astute and succinct observation about the current system.

Where is the "I Agree" or "Thumbs Up" emoji? 

Oh sorry - this commenting system dates from the 1990's befeore emojiis were invented.

Cynical? Moi? 

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Re: Outragous cost

I think it's necessary for Thumbtack team to get back from their Moon vacation and down to at least Earth orbit.
Renegotiate your terms on prices and fees. This is absurdity.
Little gets a lot more in your pockets because of volume.
But when companies get charged 58 bucks for a reduces volume of customers/contractors. THUMBTACK may do well for a while and maybe sell the company. But that's about it. Where is the sense to raise quotes 4 %o 500%. I was perplexed coming back to see this .
We know the price of business. You know the price of business also.... And this ain't IT.
Let's see it's the 3rd week of September. I expect a change by the end of this month... if not I'm out.
Thank you

Marius Tudor
Modern Marvels Residential Pro.
919 917 6389 cell

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Re: Outragous cost

Hi @Modernmarvels as you can see in @KameronK post above, we're working hard and are still making changes to our pricing structure. More specifically, we're looking into how we align the cost of a contact compared to the job that the pro could get out of it. With this, I'd love to hear your specific feedback. How much do you think it should cost for your service in your area? What other suggestions do you have for us? Go ahead and send me a private message and I'll make sure your feedback gets sent to the right team.  

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Re: Outragous cost

 I'll believe it when I see it!

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Re: Outragous cost

To all the caring moderators and that corporate "think-tank" in the clouds: go back to the old system of $2- 4 per quote, until you can FIGURE-IT-OUT - why so many are leaving. Then, just maybe, you will attract some of us back. I'm exhausted hearing how much you care about your pro's and how you're 'working on it'. Just exactly, what is it that you are working on? Putting us out of business maybe? *Note: I haven't answered leeds for weeks. Can any of you quess why? OK, I'll give you a little hint; my fee for just being contacted approaches half of my hourly fees. -Not a very sound business model! Sorry for the sarcasm, but really TT, you practically changed your quoting structure - relatively over night and now you are attempting to convince us that it takes time for changes!