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Outragous cost

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm starting to get really angry! The cost has gotten ridiculous and now it seems as though I'm constantly getting fake leads! I have on who seems to not speak proper English that posted a job but is asking me if I have work by subcontract for him. WHAT! It cost me $75 for you to ask me for work. I even had on lady post a drywall job and after discussing it she says, Oh well I'll just get a friend to do it for me. I can't keep doing this. I'm at my wits end. Thumbtack,you're about to loose another Pro.
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Re: Outragous cost

Hi, @Charsie1 your frustration is completely valid. I know we say this a lot, but I promise we're working on pricing. All of the feedback we're getting from you pros is more valuable than you realize, so please, keep it coming. 

I want to look into your quote where the customer is asking for work, not a service. Can you send me a private message with your account email address and the name of the customer? I want to make sure we get you taken care of. 

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Re: Outragous cost

I would gladly private message you if I could possibly figure out how to do so.

Re: Outragous cost

@Charsie1 it can be tricky to find at first, so glad you asked. To message @MeckellB start at her profile, then if you scroll down a little, you'll see the option to direct message. She'll get back to you as soon as she can!

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Re: Outragous cost

I agree 100% with you.  When I first started using Thumbtack they used a credit system, you bought credits and spent them.  I have a cleaning service, so back in 2014 to quote a housecleaning was 2 credits, to quote a commercial cleaning was 4 credits, which averaged about $4-$8.   Then the cost of credits went up, then the amount of credits to quote  went thru the roof.  A commercial lead went from costing 4 credits to 14 credits.  That was around $30 x 5 pros that quoted it = $150 profit for thumbtack.  Now for me to quote a commercial lead is $75 x 13 pros = $975 profit for thumbtack.  I have completely stopped using thumbtack.  It's not at all affordable and like you said, most of the leads are crap.  They throw the line "quoting is free unless you are contacted" around like it's a good deal.  Some people see the word free and that's all they see.  I caught other cleaning companies putting up fake leads just to see how much was being quoted.  It's sad, had thumbtack stayed at the cheaper route, they would have gotten more pros and made more money with less complaining.   They don't seem to understand that if you provide a good service at prices that are at or below market more people will come to use the service and therefore they make a bigger profit rather than price gauging the heck out of us.  

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Re: Outragous cost

What are we the pro to do here tell the customer they should pay the cost of the quote or at least half? There goings that customer ....with my money . I so agree with you the credit thing was great and it made me rather big fast now I can even get work because I'm affraid to bid because it cost so much and i have to think if I can afford to send out 3 bids and spend
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Re: Outragous cost


And when they correct the issue to your satisfaction return.

Its that simple hit there pocket finanically THEN THEY WILL HAVE TO CORRECT THE ISSUE

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Re: Outragous cost

The 3x increase is cost profile for using TT was pointed out to me by my accountant last week.

This has however NOT been accompanied by a 3x increase in work from TT ... 


Re: Outragous cost

If it's valid .. .!!! Why don't you guys do something about this ???

Cause we're not getting super rich out of these jobs here.
A 75$ quote is actually costing me between 125$ to 200$ .
75$- thumbtack
35$ Time with home owners ...if I get in front of them . If not 75 $ gone.
50-60 $ materials selection time and typing it in a presentable contract/ quote form.
Not to mention the time I take away from other duties . Where if I'm not present or doing something towards , I don't generate and actuallylose...
What'sthe Outrageous Boss ???
Co.mon you guys know numbers...high it seems . And then make that number X 10
200 X100 =2000$ for 10 quotes.
So if I get maybe 1 or 2 out of those you say...He Made his money back....and He is ahead
He charged 12000$ for that project. Lets raise the cost schedule even more.
...You should take a look at my hands and feet and XRays...guys. we work hard to make a living... so I'm not letting you take a pen y more from my pocket
You should be ashamed of yourself

... if that same QuoteCost from Thumbtack would be 65% less would be considered price of doing business. And thank you Thumbtack.

I am gonna wait until end of this month for a cost resolution. Yes both parties to be happy....not just customers. It seems for now only one side is happy.... or the other very unhappy and about to divorce.

I have other options.

Thank you8

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Re: Outragous cost

Around 5 years ago Thumbtack was amazing and it helped me get a business off the ground. Mystery responses that make absolutely no sense for example: if a wedding planner can act as a dj at wedding!. Then my favorite, driving 2 times to a client and losing my time and my money without any pay, where thumbtack only cared about charging more than $20, and couldnt care less about refunding anything. Without us you Thumbtack wouldnt exist, and lets face it youll never fix the situation its been more than 6 months and nothing happens but a constant fraud and failure. Only a year ago Thumbtacks goal ensured the success of vendors and customers alike,