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Re: Outragous cost

Door installation quote for 12.29 $ ...1 hour from my area.
Windows in basement installation. Which is under Remodeling category.. 1 hour from location..75 Dollars
200 sq ft.....tile area.75 $$$
Deck repair/ Remodeling close to my location...56 dollares... YeS I said DOLLARES....EXACTLY WHAT THUMBTACK IS GETTING...CAUSE THEY ARE NOT GETTING REAL DOLLARS.


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Re: Outragous cost

I am having the same problem.  I think that customers need to be made aware (VERY CLEARLY) that we are charged if they respond back to us.  I have to pay about $10 for someone to respond to me to say 'thanks but no thanks' or 'I'll think about it' , or 'I'll get back to you.'  Customers should know they should only respond if they are ready to hire the pro or at least are very interested and have a legitimate question.  I am in the red for the last 2 months with Thumbtack.  I am spending more on useless responses than I am earning through the service.  Change things ASAP or I will find another way to advertise my service.

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Re: Outragous cost

I could not agree more! I sent out a quote yesterday that cost me $35 for a job that will pay (IF I get it) about $80. That just isnt fair. I sure wish someone higher up than the Mods would speak up to us. They HAVE to know their Pros are so unhappy.

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Price Scam!

This is so crazy on 5/3 I quoted on a cutter cleaning job, might have made $70-$90 if I’d got it. $28.39!!!! OK the following day I quoted on a GC job where the lady wanted a building built. $23.38!! $51.77 for two quotes! So I went back threw my payments and I can add any other 10 up together and not be that high! And I’m talking roofing jobs!
You do remember your Buisness model only works if us contractors feel like we’re not being constantly screwed!
It’s become no longer worth the price of your leads! Espicqlly seeing as to how only 1/10 might hire!

Re: Outragous cost

your not alone buddy.. I've been on here since 20016 I believe. I grab about 50% of my brides on here for my wedding videography. In 2016 and 2017 everything was great.. My Wedding customer request would range from as low as $6 to $15.. and $20 for one quote for me was steep. 

But now!  The average Wedding Videography request is about $18.44... ! I called and provided feedback about their price updates, but just yesterday 1 wedding quote that i BLINDLY quoted is charging me $50!!!  for one quote?

This just set it off. They are inconsistently and without sensible reasoning throwing ridiculously prices on their quotes now! 

They have to meet us in the middle with these prices.

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Outragous cost

I do PR / Marketing / Writing / Editing (25+ years experience). I used to submit quotes when it cost in the $5 - $10 range. If I didn't get the work, it wasn't a lot to gamble. But now, to quote for a project, I'd need to 'invest' (gamble) in the $17.25 range. That seems to be a lot. Please convince me that it's worth it. Thanks.

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Re: Outragous cost

I got two charges last week for people that NEVER EVEN CONTACTED ME!!! I asked for a refund and was told they were “valid charges” WHAT!!?? I asked for clarification and-shocking-never got it!!!
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Re: Outragous cost

@Notinsured Let me look into this for you. Go ahead and send me a private message with the names of the customers you were charged for and I'll get you some clarification. 

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Re: Outragous cost

Why? Previously, I had clients that asked if I took insurance, which I don’t. You gave me credit for many of them and told me to let you know if there were more. I sent you more. At that time you said the same thing as TT CS, “All valid charges!” For the exact same thing I got credit for. I changed the setting, as directed which cut down the requests quite a bit. It also cut down the possibility of the people who have insurance that doesn’t cover mental health, which many do not. So thanks for making it more difficult for those already frustrated folks to find good mental health care. We all know that’s not a crisis in our country right now. I’m tired of the TT games and spending this much time and effort into fighting for a service to do its own service fairly! But since I’m here...They never contacted me and I can’t find them in my search. As others have stated...I’m not really sure how TT is staying afloat. Since the changes at TT my cut my client pool has steadily declined by 1/4 each week for the last four weeks as your insights have shown. I’m now forced to look elsewhere to spend the $525 (that has not decided but increased over the last four weeks) on other forms of lead-generating or advertising.
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Re: Outragous cost

Once again, I can’t access my mail from my phone and trying to get into it from my laptop just gave me a new screen name and forum account I seem to log out of. Wasted time. Not user friendly. Why is this? Oh yeah. To make it impossible to get $40 back.
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