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why do i pay different charges per lead


Re: leads

@laraineborek it's normal to see the cost fluctuate. The size of the job, the demand in your area, how many pros offer your service in your area, and how the customer contacts you all goes into account when determining the cost. So when those factors change, the cost will change as well. Let me know if you have any other questions about this. 

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Re: leads

Many of us know what our services are worth and what the market will bear. I've been a Top Pro for 3 years and have been with Thumbtack for several years prior to that. I know there is competition but you are sending the clients too many quotes. And there is a subjectivity to the decision you make if the contact is engaging or not. But you are charging nonetheless without any objective standards and so many of us have lost income and been charged for it as well. It's a  shoddy way to treat your pros. 

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Re: leads

I do ashphalt sealcoating in S. Florida. How do you know the size of the job, when I don't until I talk to the customer? Most driveways in my area are small and I charge around $100 to seal them. My quotes went from $3.50 to $9 to $14. How can I make any money at that price? You say you working on the pricing, but it does nothing but go up each month. You can't know the size of the job, if I don' what exactly are you basing your ridiculous prices on?


Should you pay if the contact doesn't like your bid?

I was charged $15. for a contact who didn't like my bid!  

I read that I would not be charged if a contact said "No thanks!"

However, what happens if the contact uses different words to

express that he does not like my bid; like suggesting that I

charge too much per hour?  This contact specifically thought that

my time was not worth more than $15. per hour!

In my opinion legitimate interest is expressed by questions

about the service that is actually being offered - such as size,

color and availability, etc. not an invitation to change the price!

I think Thumbtack should clearly communicate to potential 

contacts that the bids they receive are the offered price - not less.

If the client thinks that a bid is too high then they should pass on

the bid by contacting another pro. If they contact me anyway to

complain about the price - then isn't that the equivalant of saying

'No thanks!' to my bid?

Failing that, then there should be a way for a pro

to filter out contacts that want to negotiate price.

Because some pros (like me) are not interested in

price negotiation (or paying thumbtack for that

privelege). There are sites where that goes on but

that is a different business model and I would pay

far less to participate in an auction.  As far as bids

posted on Thumbtack - my bid is the price which

I am offering services for.  Period.

Re: Should you pay if the contact doesn't like your bid?

@RamaGTutoring- you have some really good points here.  I'm also not interested in responses that lead off with "are there any discounts?" I'm a professional and I expect to be paid what my time is worth, and clients who don't want to pay for a pro editor/writer to fix up their content are welcome to go get their own journalism degree and 20+ years of experience.

If Thumbtack isn't doing anything to discourage this (or is actively encouraging it), it just reinforces the suggestion that Thumbtack is devaluing pros and racing to the bottom.

To be fair, none of this is impacting me right now because I'm not getting any jobs through Thumbtack right now. My work isn't showing up in my feed, and even if it was, I'm unwilling to pay mystery fees.

Shareen Mann
Freelance writer and editor with The Write Mann, LLC

Re: Should you pay if the contact doesn't like your bid?

@RamaGTutoring If the customer's immediate response resembles a "no thank you" it shouldn't be one that you're charged for. If you'll send me a direct message with the customer's name I can check into that one with you. 

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Thumbtack fees

This is crazy, I think the customer the buyer should pay the $4.99 Im tired of paying the fee, for a question or being hired then they find someone else. I pretty sure there has to be a better way! Its not far to charge the small buisness community for questions.
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Now I see how much a quote costs and it is absurd!

OK, so Thumbtack fixed it so we can see what a quote costs beforehand, but their pricing is ridiculous!

I am a pet sitter and charge $15 for a cat visit once a day. Thumbtack charged me $8.17 to quote!! More than 50% of my fee!!!!!!!!

Does anyone else find this a rip-off?


Re: Now I see how much a quote costs and it is absurd!

@cranichik - Based on the estimated cost per contact, I could end up paying more for leads than I make on the job, so I'm in a similar situation.

Shareen Mann
Freelance writer and editor with The Write Mann, LLC