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Re: Prices/changes/dissapointed

I feel your pain and feel exactly the same way about getting these leads and when responding, feeling I’ve been kept out of the loop for a period of time and then thrusted into the midst of things at a certain point. Then there charging $75 for something you may not get in the first’s gotten out of hand.
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Outragous fees

I don’t know how many of you feel the same way I do? I am so frustrated! How can we pay such a high fee only to get a reply: “I would love to chat” then never hear from the client again and YES, I do follow up. Meanwhile, I paid $70 for nothing another word I threw away $70 or better said I made money for Thumbtack!!!


I remember Thumbtack a few years back (not too long back) using a credit system where a credit was worth $1.65 and to reply to a request, it would use anywhere from 2 to 4 credits. Even then pros thought that was high! Now Thumbtack is charging $70 to reply?!?! That is robbery L  And, to make it sound and look better, we are told that it’s free. They say:

- FREE to send a quote

- FREE if the client says "No Thank You"

- A fee if the client replies back.


Nothing is free! I even had so many potential clients where we even met and went through so many details. I even booked some vendors. That’s how close I got to get the job. Then that potential client will come up with an excuse and the deal never closed.


I would like to say this, I do not mind paying the $70 fee if I landed the job!  


Thumbtack can work on a program for the client to book, pay and close the deal only through Thumbtack. Or at least once a job is scheduled and a deposit is paid then the fee should be charged.


Thumbtack says: We listened to your concerns and we changed things around. Really? Well please listen to this request and do change the way and the $ amount you charge.


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Re: Outragous fees

Here we go again!! Another lead that I have been working with since Jan.1st, going back and forth with this lead and even set up an appointment to close the deal ... only to be told:

" I have decided that I will hold off. Thank you so much and I will keep you in mind for future events. Thank you"

Now I lost another $36.00 but and Thumbtack made $36. Where is the fairness in this. That fee is outrageous to start with. It should not be more than $3.60 like it was when Thumtack was just started. They increased their fee 1000% ONE THOUSAND PERCENT!!!!!!

Again, I would not mind paying the $36.00 if I was hired and paid for the job!

Re: Outragous fees

I wrote this previously but we asked a customer to submit a request, and they showed us what Thumbtack gave them. NO WHERE in ANY thing that Thumbtack tells the Requestors is (a) information that each Pro has to pay to talk to them and more importantly? (b) NO WHERE DOES THUMBTACK EVEN GIVE THEM A BOX TO CHECK "NO THANK YOU" OR EXPLAIN TO THE REQUESTORS THAT "NO THANK YOU" lets the Pro off the paying hook .... so they tell us that to make us think they have our backs. THEY DON'T.

I was away over the summer helping an elderly parent, and I told my top staff member you're not going to believe this. TT has changed their pricing program, and we're going to be able to bid on everything. We were all excited. 

That is so far from the truth that we cannot now afford to bid on anything, and at certain times - New Years Eve - Christmas Eve - when we would have been booked - we had no jobs ... it has drastically affected our incomes across the board, and now we can afford even less to pay for something on here ... it's sad and we're looking into what other options there are ... as a small business, we are nothing to Thumbtack, and I believe they made these changes because they knew they were losing people, and they instituted something that would quadruple their income ... if not more.

So then you have us paying to bid on jobs for a company that's entire review in the world is declining ... right now to us it seems like a lose / lose situation. Sadly. Very Sadly.


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Re: Outragous fees

I always give my customers a survey to fill out. They say same thing as your customers, but go one step further. Before Promote, I was able to send personable messages along with quotes. They appreciate that initial message. I've turned Promote off, now send messages/quotes manually. I had couple bookings where customers appreciate that message. But Thumbtack thinks otherwise. They don't have our backs, though they claim yes. If they did, they would start improving Promote to help us, their paying customers
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Why all my customers I try to contact cost more than $ 10 , 16 , 20 ???? When I start with you ,around two months ago $ 3 was a huge amount don’t have a phone number for a normal contact , doesn’t matter what area I’ve selected you still send me offers from two hours distance .... 
Did anybody of you ( Thumbtack guys ) read what we are writing here ?????

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Re: Prices

@Gabriel111 we definitely are reading and are hearing you out. Pricing is something that is constantly being re-evaluated, so it's good for us to hear feedback like this!

As far as you getting requests outside of your area, that's because you have advanced settings turned on. To turn these off, just go to your services section, scroll down to the bottom to advanced settings and then turn of Suggest jobs near my travel area. Thanks for reaching out and let me know if you have any other questions! 

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Re: Prices

Hi again ,you match me with a client ... at the end I have this message “ Paid “ “ You got 20%off”
How much do I pay ???? 20% of what????
How do you now I want this job ? Maybe the price you ask for this lead is to high and I don’t want to try a bid .....
Why do you force me to answer ... this is what you’re doing... please don’t tell me i have the possibility to make corections on my budget because from 3 weeks ago every time I’m trying to do that I have the same message “IT’S NOT YOU IS US
We messed up.We really hate it when our app doesn’t work properly. If you’d like immediate help contact us at support@thumbtack.-com”
I’ve tried a few times ... nothing !!!! And your support is answering with a 10 min delay at each message!!!!!

Re: Prices

I agree we can't even ask a question. I got an email from an Event Host - when is your next available date? To answer that question will cost me $20 ... they have lost their minds ... and it has broken our heart and devastated our business, and I don't care what they say about they are looking at their pricing ... it seems their business model is they want the bigger fish and they want the bigger money ... and too bad about those of that have been loyal for several years, and  NO the Clients do not get told that we have to pay nor do they get told to say "No Thank You" ... so don't even know why they tell us that.

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I'm Not Even Quoting Now...

ThuI made some decent money with Thumbtack in 2018 and really hate to sound like I'm always complaining but instead of growing in 2019 I don't see me bidding jobs at all unfortunately.

I'm a catering company that serves the Nashville, TN area...when I get a quote request now I see that from 1-5 pros have already been contacted...there is absolutely no reason for me to even bother submitting a quote or contacting the customer...if they haven't chosen someone after contacting 5 pros they aren't serious enough for me to gamble up to $51 on.  Whatever the new system is, I hope it's working for others better than it's working for us.  We are now spending more money with services other than TT because we just can't justify gambling $100 for every two large quotes we send and get contacts.

I sure hate to not be able to depend on TT for a portion of our business any makes us sad.