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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

Exactly sometimes I pay $75 dollars a couple times a day to bid a job and never even get any sort of reply
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Re: Let’s talk about becoming a Top Pro

That is 100 girl,word 4 word lol

Leads and payments

I don’t get near the amount of leads in my area as I once did. I know there is plenty of work here. Also when we have to pay for someone just getting back to us is obsurd. They don’t always hire you just because they’ve messaged you. There should be a button the customer has to hit to confirm that they hired the pro. Then bill us, thanks.
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Re: Leads and payments

@Kameron There are 11 pages of pros with the same concerns regarding the new pricing format and how it is not benefiting the pros. Are these concerns going on deaf ears? Can you get upper management to look at all these concerns and do semthing about it instead of deleting our comments because they don’t meet the so-called guidelines?
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Re: Top Pro by the numbers.


My name is DJ Spark,  I've been using Thumbtack for at least 4yrs. At one time I could say, Thumbtack is one of the best companies in the world! For the last 2yrs I've been soo disappointed by the way Thumbtack has changed their policies. The old way was much better and fair. We were able to Bid on jobs we felt was a good fit. If we weren't interested we could ignore the quote request. The fees were fair. Now! We're paying for automatic quotes for someone asking, are you available for my date? There goes 30.00 with no other contact.  If you get 2 questions now your billed 50.00 or more,  you can't answer anymore quotes until it's paid. Ok if I'm not booking jobs, how am I supposed to pay you 50.00 a day for 3 quotes a day? One day I  paid 50.00, 1hr later I was billed another 60.00 for that same question. Are you available.  That question should be a givin, being that we have a calendar that should block us from quotes on days we're not available. Anything after we should be billed. Give us the option again to send quotes to jobs that fit our likes, Automatic quotes doesn't take distance consideration , if I charge 400. For a local gig, I'm not charging the same amount for a gig 2hrs away. Thumbtack is all about Thumbtack now. There is a lot of options out there, but I'm trying to stay loyal to Thumbtack,  because I built a great profile here, my reviews are all with Thumbtack and the customer service was great! Show us venders that you hear us. Remember we helped get this company where it is. g, a I


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Re: Top Pro by the numbers.

Thank you for your comments SparkEntert, maybe someone at thumbtack can hear. I had a top pro rating my first year, the system changed, I did not agree with it for the same reasons you mentioned if I wanted that kind of services I could joind Home Advisory!! I now have re focused my marketing strategy. Thanks thumbtack...

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Re: Top Pro by the numbers.

Your new pricing structure has prevented me from even considering jobs from Thumbtack. You've eliminated one marketing stream for my company.

I don't see the point of sacrificing Top Pros like me (for 5 years) for your bottom line. 

And I've been providing feedback and commenting for 5 years and nothing I contributed was ever considered.

I join the legions of businesses fleeing Thumbtack.

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pro cost increase

Really!!! A 100 percent increase on water heater install fee?!? How do you expect to have a pro pay $43 on a job that averages $250. These price increases are getting outrageous.

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Re: Overpriced

I agree 100% with Anamrt, the pricing system as it is now is too much for someone just looking to answer a quick question.  All the new changes since I've become a member in 2016 have been a downgrade.  Went from 5 competitors to 15, from $7 per lead to $30+, Instant Match = take my money/fail.  None of these so-called improvements benefitted the Pro, just Thumbtack. 

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Re: Overpriced

Thank you to you all for sharing your feedback regarding pricing. Prices are constantly being reevaluated and we couldn't do that without all of your feedback. Please keep it coming! If you have suggestions regarding the cost of your service in your area, we want to hear it. You can send those suggestions here at any time. 

To keep things organized and easy to navigate in the Community, we will be closing this thread to new comments. Thanks again to all who've contributed, it's appreciated! 

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