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Re: Overpriced

To the Moderator - you also need to tell everyone the truth. The customers are NOT told that each Pro that speaks to them is charged, and they are NOT told that saying "No Thank You" means that the Pro will not be charged. NO WHERE IN WHAT IS GIVEN TO THE HIRING PARTY IS ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THE "NO THANK YOU" ... SO WHY TELL US THAT???

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Re: Overpriced

Hey there MR. Moderator Smiley Happy

What is the argument/case AGAINST charging Thumbtack pros a percentage of a verified hire?

If we are only allowed reviews from a verified hire, then it would only make sense for us to avoid trying to "skirt the system".

We know tire kickers exist, but charging a fair monthly fee to be on this platform would quell a lot of the negativity on this site...and on well as sift out "non-pros" that simply want to keep a free crappy profile up with the hopes of siphoning away business from the "real pros" that actually do a good job.

I don't even consider "leads" with "8 other pros contacted" (by the way, thank you for showing us how many other pros have been contacted).

Leads for a Liquor Catering business are around $15 per lead....that's $120 for Thumbtack and $0 for me most days. 

In the short-sighted sense, YES! THIS WORKS!

From what I gather, Top Pros are saying they WERE getting lots of they are not. Does this have to do with the new system? Or lack of clients trusting Thumbtack?

Is Thumbtack attracting more clients incomparison to past years? Are there more Pro vying for the same jobs? Are other platforms undercutting this one? Just a few questions.

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Moderator Kameron

Re: Overpriced

@tmholbert The main reason we don't charge per hire is that there's no concrete way to know when a customer hires you. We work to introduce you to as many customers as you want and once they reach out, we step back and that job is yours to win. In regards to reviews, as soon as a connection has been made the customer can leave a review whether it's based on their conversations with you or work that's been completed. We are seeing a higher engagement rate from both customers and pros overall. With that said we're always gathering feedback and looking to make improvements on top of what we currently have. I'll make sure to pass along your thoughts about pros paying a monthly fee. There are pros that have expressed some frustrations with the new system which why we're here to gather feedback and also talk with pros about their account and profiles and any adjustments that can be made to see more success.

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Re: Overpriced

Good morning Kameron


Question for you.   .  Why aren’t you listening to your customers?   Please don’t say you are, the system is broken, these new ideas and pricing may be generating more monies but now you are losing pros daily. 

The system is broken, please explain to me why nothing is being done to revert back to the old system of credits?


thank you 



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Re: Overpriced


They may read and listen, but they don't HEAR us!

Just hope I don't get warned and banned again for saying the following:

I've been told that the old system isn't coming back. I've given suggestions to try and improve this Promote system, but all I hear is that "your comments and suggestions have been forwarded", but they can't prove it to me. This was over a month ago. From reading many new comments/posts, they claim if we were successful with the old system, we can be successful with this new system. I was told that it was designed to help customers decide on which Pros to contact, because customers were being inundated with many messages/quotes, yet we are the ones suffering now.



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Re: Overpriced

I am also outraged at the lead costs, and the increases. I have been an officiant and a thumbtack pro for years and will not pay 10-20 dollars for jobs I am not getting. I am going to leave Thumbtack if this isn't changed.

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Re: Overpriced

I must share this sentiment. As a Thumbtack user since 2015, the prices have dramatically increased for me and while my normal hire rate was about 1 out of 10, it was much more bearable when the quotes were around $5. Now with the quotes being around $15, 10 quotes leaves my profit margin around $20, which makes it not worth it. I love Thumbtack as it gave me the ability to leave my full time job and pursue something that I love. I understand the changes the site/technology has undergone, but I've spent a lot of money on potential clients that I had no interest in working with. I know that we Thumbtack is trying to figure out how to accurately price the quotes, but you also have to keep in mind the amount of clients it takes for a majority of vendors to get one client. Even with me having as many hires and reviews as I have, I still struggle getting a client. As I said 1 out of 10 on average. I simply can't afford to quote as frequently as I have in the past, meaning my potential income dwindles which ultimately means I'll have to reconsider utilizing Thumbtack. Trust that it hurts my heart to feel that, but if I don't make any money, I can't afford to pay to quote.

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Re: Overpriced

HI I share your frustration. In my categories, they are trying to charge $75 for a PATIO/DECK category. I come from a huge family and friends using TT. A concrete contractor, a fence conctractor, a paint contractor, and another landscape contractor (my uncle) that works in Dallas.

Except for my brother in law (painting contractor) we all have 50+ Reviews, all rating over 4.5. 

TT swears they are getting more SERIOUS customers. All my family/friends noticed instantly the "smoke screen" with the 20% discount and for some reason there was no PRICE DISCLOSURE. I personally NEVER, NEVER, EVER blew through $500 and not close a single job. NEVER.

I urged a TT employee I was given a chance to speak with on the phone that the very fact that they STRIPPED my ability to screen the leads was a huge and grave mistake. The leads are NOT better. The leads are WORSE. TT is charging prices that are WAY TOO MUCH, and they are being told over and over and over and over the new way is not working, and they are pushing the "PRMOTE YOUR BUSINESS" and also charging upfront/immediately.

I personally think that they already see that contractors are pausing/quitting and the $$$$$$ is WAY DOWN so lets see how they will react. So far they just keep shoving videos down our throats when we are trying to tell them reality.

TT - please FIX THIS. Your prices are WAY TO EXPENSIVE to not know if the customers are tire kickers. The fact that WE PROMOTE does not prove to mean better leads. I got a total of 4 PROs that we ALL AGREE TO GET ON A PHONE CALL TOGETHER AND SHARE WHAT HAS HAPPENED WITH NEW SYSYEM. ITS NOT GOING TO WORK

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Re: Overpriced

I really believe thumbtack has gotten out of hand with the pricing on leads and I wanted to know if I was the only one who felt that way. I just think that $75 for a lead that you may not get is a lot to lose( if you get 10 leads that are $75 each and no want picks you, that’s $750)


I've been using thumbtack for a few years now, and have to say for the first time since I started, these pricing/and other changes have completely stopped generating any kind of leads whatsoever through the site. My account is paid up as of now, but I can't invest any more money in leads here until the system is returned to normal. Now, the very second a request appears, it shows that 2-6 pros have already been contacted, and the only thing I ever see is the "customer picked you from a list of pros" leads, which the customer never actually hires us from, we are basically just paying to reply to a customer that vanishes after your reply. I know it's not ME, because my system/success rate was working, and I was sealing 90% of the jobs I quoted up until the changes..... Not sure what to do yet, for now I will keep looking at the leads here, but will likely not be spending any money until the system is fixed. I did enjoy working with thumbtack over the years, but business is business, and I can't see continuing to use something that no longer is bringing in any money from the money we are spending. I thankfully am established locally and do not depend on thumbtack for too much of my income, but have to say, I feel for those that do depend on it because the loss of successful leads since the changes are noticeably significant. The key factor to understand is that pros are too busy working in the field, and do not have all kinds of time to waste trying to keep up with the changes constantly being made, and further, the latest changes have really weakened the thumbtack economy in general.