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PAID IN FULL Receipt - By the Client in Our Inboxes

When Thumbtack decided on this new overhaul where we no longer pay for bids upfront, I thought I would see a PAID IN FULL from the client when they had to pay. However, I have not seen anything in my inbox that says the client has paid to answer my bid. WHY NOT?  

I want to see when the client pays to answer. I want a written acknowledgement that the client has paid and the amount the client has paid. I've been ripped off for $7.01 and I still cannot see how much the client paid to answer my bid or what time the answer came in. But I'm quite sure the client can see what I bid.

This has to be a two-way street when it comes to showing who's paying what and when and how much.

Never buy a pig in a poke . . .

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Re: PAID IN FULL Receipt - By the Client in Our Inboxes

@Av8tress Charging customers isn't something we're considering at this time. We are, however, focusing on price transparency. Giving you a better sense of what you’ll be charged has been a priority for us and we have some good news to share: we just started showing prices up front to some of our pros. Some pros will now be able to see the price they’ll pay if a customer contacts them before these pros actually decide to send a quote.

This is our first version of this update. It’s still a work in progress and we’re working hard to make this available to all of our pros soon. Stay tuned.

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Re: PAID IN FULL Receipt - By the Client in Our Inboxes

Why don't you just go back to the old tried and true honest way of LOWER prices and give just 5 pros the chance of landing the job? Can't you see how many Pros have given up onTT. I have not and will not respond to ANY requests until you get off your cloud come back to earth and work with US not against us!

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Re: PAID IN FULL Receipt - By the Client in Our Inboxes

If your pricing structure stays this way, all of the really good pros will be gone! The trashy ones will stay and that will end up being the TT reputation.

But, of course TT will have been sold by then since TT is inflating the company value. Good financial move if selling. Bad business move if you are not.

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Re: PAID IN FULL Receipt - By the Client in Our Inboxes

Price transparency will have little or no effect as to how I will use TT. High prices equals little use. So sorry to see TT going this way. They used to be the best!