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Photographing for $250 or less? Who's taking these jobs?

Thumbtack is filled with clients looking for a photographer for $250 or less. I don't know any photographers in the New York City area who would take any photography job for so little. So my question is who is bidding on these jobs? Are you fulltime or part time? Are you able to put together a sustainable business with these jobs? 

My business took a big turn a few years ago when I decided that I had a minimum for any kind of work. My rock bottom is $200/hr. with a minimum of 2 hrs. It took me from part time to full-time photographer. 

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Re: Photographing for $250 or less? Who's taking these jobs?

Most likely new players entering the market

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Re: Photographing for $250 or less? Who's taking these jobs?

You are competing with students and novice people here. It's pretty rough since the recent changes in the bidding process. It's as if the system favors the novice because it creates a price war out of the gate. I have two profiles... As a wedding officiant, and as a designer/draftsman. I have 15&30 years experience in each respectively but I compete against weekend warriors all the time. I'm not sure what the solution is.
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