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Re: Listen-up Pros - Current pricing reaction from a fellow service provider

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While it is the pro who works on getting the job done it is the pros who are complaining about Thumbtack which should be a clue to Thumbtack that we are not happy.

The good news is that in a Capitalist society the pros could stop using Thumbtack and their competitors will reap the rewards and Thumbtack will reap less or none.  It is apparent Thumbtack doesn't care about the pros!

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Re: Listen-up Pros - Current pricing reaction from a fellow service provider

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Here is my feedback on your response:
1. PRICING: Agreed, I didn't have so much issue with the pricing TT adjusted to because I had come from Home Advisor who was gregariouly priced costing upwards of $60-$150 for absolutely crap leads that had nothing to do with what I do. So I'm not as annoyed as most with thier higher price structure because compared to most, they are still lower. However, their changes have also lead to even lower quality leads (which wasn't that high to begin with).

2. INCREASED BIDDER POOL: There are two issues with thier increase in lead bids, first of all the "up to 5 bids" is a lie. Since this change I have seen myself compete with up to 10 bidders at once. As an interior designer, one thing I know for sure is that when you provide anyone with too many choices, they quickly become overwhelmed, frustrated and find it much harder to commit. The golden number is always three. Three solid options allow people options without overwhelming them. The second issue is with your comment towards pros to "stand out" and be respectful. I am always kind and respectful and extremely timely and yet it has not changed that most projects that I bid on do not reach contact phase with clients.

3. RESPONSIVENESS: Tardiness as you call it is another smoke and mirrors excuse for TT. I actually think there is an issue with the time stamping at TT. I am highly known for being an "immediate" responder and I mean posted within 3-8 seconds of receipt. But after TT changed their programming, I noticed a drastic change in how many leads come
in at the same time and how quickly. Here is how it works now: I get a lead notification, I open it and send my pre-generated response immediately and by the time my lead is posted (literally 3 seconds later) there are six other bids already in! How is that possible? So if responding immediately still makes me tardy, I don't know what to tell you or how to remedy that.

4. PROFESSIONAK QUALITY:While I agree that we should always be professional, timely and always use proper grammar, I know that this does not guarantee better lead response or engagement. I am a grammar phobe and I take it seriously, I always reply to my clients and send follow up responses shortly after they've supposedly viewed my quote, inquiring on whether they have found the help they need and wishing them the best if they have... Has this increased or changed my response? NO! Most all of them still never respond nor move forward with the project. Because the truth is that in most cases, we (the pros) are not the ones with grammatical and courtesy issues, the clients are. And this is a quality control issue. If TT spent more time breifing potentials to ensure that they are a little more serious about the service they are looking for and not just "phone book price fishing" we'd probably see more effective leads come through that actually lead to clients. I don't care which way you slice it, the ratio of leads that go nowhere vs. the ratio of leads that become clients should never be so out of sync for so many professionals at the same time. This forum is not littered with disgruntled pros because TT is doing an amazing job and we're just a bunch of mindless idiots.

5. COMPETITION: Again, I feel you're off the mark on this one, the issue is not only that singular pros (who just don't seem to cut it in your opinion) are not getting hired, the issue is that MOST pros generating leads on TT do not get hired. I think 9 out of 10 professionals on TT understand that they are not going to conquer every lead they put out, but I am an investigator when it comes to my business and my money and I follow all of my lead insight's like a hawk, and I can tell you that when you look at your insights most quotes sent out only get to viewed status, the response ratio is very low, I mean pitifully low. Meaning these leads are not leading to anything except low-budget fishers viewing a bunch of estimates and walking away only to hire their friend of the family to do it.

6. BLAME & LEAD QUALITY: The issue with this point is that none of the truly necessary factors are included in the TT form that potential clients fill out. They removed any trace of quality in potential leads by simplifying the lead generator to appeal to looky-loos. They removed budget, so there is no idea of what the client is looking to spend, they do not ask for timeframe of how soon the client is looking for service, they don't ask what stage the client is in in thier search for service, are they just starting to get bids, have they been looking with no avail, is their project underway already and now they need additional help. They don't ask what they are looking for in a professional so they can better match leads to pros. I don't think they even ask if the person is new to TT or not! Leaving comments is an option so in most cases they don't leave comments, so you have no details of what the client needs or is hoping to achieve. Therefore, on our end there are not many ways to differentiate quality clients from's a shot in the dark.

7. IT'S JUST NOT FOR YOU: Here I absolutely agree with you... Thumbtack really just isn't for you!!! Don't use them if you're really looking to grow business and get connected to quality leads. But I'm pretty sure that's what all these pros are saying... I think we are cutting TT some slack...WE'RE STILL HERE... Waiting and hoping for them to hear us and be proactive before we all leave because there was a time when we really loved them. It's like a bad break-up that we're fighting to let go of. Which leads to 8!

8. Yes, we want to work together and support TT, but we also need to feel that they have our best interests at heart and that we matter as much as their leads and that they are willing to work with us and listen to us to make the experience great for everyone.

Currently TT is operating like a phone book, the difference is, we didn't have to pay so much to be listed in the phone book and the people who called usually actually wanted service. A business that is built to be a lead generation service should pride itself on quality over quantity and great connection making skills. I don't need to get 8 leads a day if they're all just a bunch of people playing telephone pranks on the internet. I need quality clients who are looking for me and my services (to hire, not to investigate) TT is failing at this. Do better!
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Private Instructor: Pricing very confusing

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Hello, I've been hoping thumbtack would make the pricing structure 100% transparent since they started it. No one at Thumbtack has been able to give me a straight answer. I like only paying for quotes in which clients contact you back on...but occasionally I get charged for someone that was really just being a "looky-loo". Personally I'd like to see us get charged upon a hire. ONLY! In closing what I really want to see is complete transparency on how we are being charged.
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TT didn't make but one change show you high prices.I've noticed less quotes coming through.Pros will still be charged with the same contact line.Are you available? or Do you have a playlist?Pros will get charged and still not talked to anyone.
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Outragous cost

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That video explained nothing! The only thing I heard was lame excuses as to why they still want to charge over $30 for a customer to say more than "no thanks". I haven't used thumbtack in over 3 months and have switched to another platform. What a shame they turned into. Their BBB complaints are through the roof so us PROs are not alone with the thinking. If we practiced our professions like they practice this service we would be out of work. My family business is a 5 star top pro service with over 29 reviews. We grew because of the assistance of the former thumbtack, but we are moving on unfortunately. $30 potential fee for a $200 job and having to pay for insurances and WC. Not worth it!

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Re: Pricing Q&A wrap-up

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I understand as your company grows there will be some price hikes on bidding. But if a customer replying to a bid I send them by saying " I'm going a different direction " I shouldn't be expected to pay for it. The old system was definitely better for me, and now I have to be more careful about what I bid on because the cost is higher and the success rate has dropped greatly. Truth be told I am spending more money now with fewer results, which tells me I need to try something different. Thanks for being great in the past and helping me grow to this point, but I do believe I've "outgrown" you. from this point on, I'll be working towards spending money developing my own leads without thumbtack.
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Re: Pricing Q&A wrap-up

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You asked us:


Your video response:


Re: 6 signs it’s time to raise your prices.

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When I first started TT, I was really high on this company.  Someone to help get me started growing my business.  But now there have been so many changes that was supposed to be for the betterment for their customers/pros has turned out to be a money pit for TT only, so it seems.  They changed the way we send our bid, how many can bid on the same job, they way you pay, and others.  But it all is in favor of making TT more money and taking from the pros who is funding the company.  I do understand that everyone wants to make money but to say they want to be fair and cost you less for bids is not right.  When there were only 5 allowed to bid on jobs and only cost a couple of dollars, pros would stay busy with customers wanting their business.  Now with anywhere from 6 to maybe 15 people budding on the same it makes it rather hard to land a job under this system.  If the system is not broken why fix it if you are here for the pros/customers.  You're making money but everdently not enough money.  Not sure how much longer I will be a part of TT with the constant changes that dosen't help anyone but TT.

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Re: Pricing Q&A wrap-up

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Vinamrata, did not mention anything about the new cost of individual leads. I understand you can set a weekly about to be charged for leads or you can responsed to leads individually. Which for me right now is best. Why are the leads so expensive now. Many leads are between 40 and 62 dollars even on lead request of 250 to 500 dollar budget. Many lead request use to range from $5 to 25 now majority of the leads are to expensive. I think with the new system not paying until the customer replies leads should be in the ball park of $10 to $30 depending on how much of a budget the individual has to work with for services.

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Thumbtack used to be a huge part of my business

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Thumbtack used to help me get a lot of guitar students, but now that the pricing system is so out of whack, I don't want to use it at all.  I don't even know how much I have to pay and they just charge me?  No thanks. Let me know what I'm paying for and I'll see if I can factor it into my advertising budget.  Don't just randomly charge me based on some algorithm I cannot see.  Fix it quickly, or another website is going to take over.  Sorry to be harsh Thumbtack, hope you all can fix this system.