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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
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Re: Let's talk about your profile

Since you have changed the system, these leads are way too expensive. When we first started using thumbtack the leads costs about $6, then went up to about $20 and now with the new system $75 per lead. That is way too expensive for us so we will no longer be using thumbtack. While we have had some success with the lead from this source they are not solid enough to pay that much for them as we are able to close 1 out of maybe every 10. Making the one we do close costing us $750 - much too expensive for a property management contract. When 1 house is only worth about $1000 in 1 year. 

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

All I need to know from you folks are your policies, all the charges that you will charge me and the customers. Your Billings (Monthly,weekly, are cancelled lessons made up or are students charged). How do I get paid? How much are 1/2 hour lessons. I only teach 1/2 hour lessons.

I owned 3 Music stores in my past life and we had 300 Students. I think I know the business pretty well. You have my profile. I'm not 18 years old. I have 50 years of teaching and performing from Atlantic City to Las Vegas.

I would be happy to be part of your team but I need to know all your particulars.

Thanks, Frank

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Re: Let's talk about your profile and Contractor Expenses

Contractors should NOT be charged until they are hired. Paid $33 for...,

Whats your Availability?   Have the Client be very , very specific about their time frame for job.

Contractors should be able to "suspend" or " Hold " on a job If a client does not respond within 24 hours.  I've been hired by someone, no longer able to service their jobs.

Payment for job:    Before I leave their home.   

No Contractor is going to paint a accent wall, or one room, for a cheap $175. Only to turn around and be charged $33  from TT.   


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Re: Let's talk about your profile

I was recently charged $20 for one quote. I used to pay around $4-$6 which was feasible to my profession. I will not pay $20 per quote and I have not used Thumbtack since. Not sure why the jump was made but it ended my marketing with Thumbtack.
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Re: Let's talk about your profile

I thought you pay only if they reply
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Re: Let's talk about your profile

Replying to PW: I meant that I can’t set one set price for every client with the new system. Some are willing to pay 100, some 2 or 300. I had 4 automatic bids tell clients I charge 200 for jobs they wanted to pay 100-150. U see what I mean? And then my weekly budget could be used up by TT as they see fit. I don’t like it.
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Re: Let's talk about your profile

I agree. I don’t like this part of the new way to “pay when contacted”. As pros we need to control that. I had 4 bids placed way beyond what I would have selected for that client. I don’t think the new system benefits us.
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Re: Let's talk about your profile

My profile is erelavent  

Lets talk about get us all back quoting 

A list of $'s for what a  lead costs , I'll not pay another $70 for a lead that dosn't 

want any thing but price, See Ibram S June & twice on July 15

Lets talk about handy persons Must have Clearly writen on there profile

Unlisenced, non insured, No Bond

Greed Kills 

Bill 987118 (B) IICRC 150594

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Getting too expensive to continue

I have been with Thumbtack for about 2 1/2 years now. The first year or so was great. I knew what i was paying and how often because i could choose what i pay for and only 5 pros (contractors, painters,etc) could respond before it would close the window of opportunity. This worked wonderful for a long time. I am a 5 star top pro with many reviews and have established a great rapport here. Recently, Thumbtack decided to go for the gold and get as much money as possible with this new pricing of 'free' quotes for the pros. Then, to my shock, i noticed i was getting charged TRIPLE the ampunt just because someone contacted me! I do general contracting so i have to send a lot of quotes weekly to stay ahead of my schedule and keep busy. But now, 15 pros can respond instead of 5. So now, if om not in the top 3 to 5, clients are tired of getting numorous emails and they either ignore it or they respond just to ask some simple question like 'how much do you charge?' or 'i'll get back to you in a week'. Well, there goes about $75 with no more contact with the client usaully. So now Thumbtack get anywhere from $20-$90 from EVERY pro that get responded to and the rest of the pros get screwed. Doing 3-4 of these minimum per week with no hire or contact is totally ridiculous and getting to frustrating to keep going like this. I have to do 1-2 jobs just to pay for the cost of staying on here! I wouldn't mind paying that kind of money if i were to get hired first and then Thumbtack would get my money, not just on a reply. Crazy.

If this doesn't change very very soon, im outta here. Thumbtack needs to realize there are a lot of pros on here that will spend the money to make money, but not like this. So sad, it was going so good.

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Re: Getting too expensive to continue

Agree 100%.  When I first signed up, I was getting lots of good gigs, great reviews, and I was a top photographer in Philly area.  Then the responses dried up, then the pricing changed for the worse.  I can't see spending ~$20 to bid on on $200 jobs - just doesn't make sense.