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Re: Let's talk about your profile

Besides the obvious change in the pricing schedule that everyone wants changed, I would like for the customer's option of messaging me "What's your next availability" to be altered.  I wish they could simply tell me when they need the cleaning done by and then I would let them know if I am available to do it.  Too many times when I reply with my next availability, they tell me that they need it at a different time, or don't want to pay the price I quote, or they are "in the beginning stages" of getting a cleaner and are price shopping.  This option of them messaging me this is a waste of my money, just like not being able to see the cost of the quotes.

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

Hi there!

I have two issues I'd like to point out.

1. The new system for submitting quotes costs me almost $10 for each quote with the budget I've set. I teach private music lessons ranging from $25-$40 depending on the length of time I spend with each student. I don't mind spending $10 if the client decides to book a lesson with me and I recoup some of that cost, and I definitely don't mind if I end up seeing the client regularly. Afterall, the goal of my business is to create lasting relationships with my clients and provide weekly lessons whenever possible. However, $10 is a lot of money to spend if the client does not book a lesson with me. I suppose this is the chance you take contacting a potential client and having them not be interested, but I do follow up with them in a timely manner, and do what I can to gain their business. I just feel that $10 to send one message is a little steep, especially if the client never messages back again. Recently, I have even had several potential clients message me directly, without having sent a quote, and I STILL have to pay $10 to have a conversation with them.

I truly appreciate the business I've gained from this site and the exposure I have to clients in my area. I understand that Thumbtack needs to be able to provide client matching services, pay it's employees, and maintain the website, however the high cost of sending quotes can negatively affect small business owners such as myself.

For me personally, I think it would be more benficial if I paid the $10 once I was actually hired. I wouldn't have a problem paying the fee if I knew I'd be having income coming in to help cover the cost of the quote. Just a thought...

2. There is a spot on the profile to add a professional license. However, the last I checked, there was no option for teaching degrees of any sort. As a teaching professional with three college degrees and a teaching license in my state, I would like to be able to include this information on my profile.

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

Let's talk about the real elephant in the room. The fact that most of the prices for us to contact interested parties is horrendous. And there are so many fake accounts that contact me and other service providers that it's making us really not want to be part of thumb tack. There has to be a way that you folks can come up with something that will help keep people that are contacting me from Africa trying to send me $50000 to get into the United States so that I can actually deal with people who need my services.

And I'm in Oklahoma City and it cost me around $25 to contact someone who says they're intrested in Tulsa. That's incredibly higher than most other service providing websites or wedding websites. It's ridiculous. I don't wanna feel like I'm wasting my time. We have to find a way to fix this. I've been a member for 4 years now.
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Re: Let's talk about your profile

Funny how I bring up fraudulent activity and the moderators banned my posting. This is crap.
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Re: Pricing Suggestion

You might want to fix the kudo's.  I can give you one, but I cannot give one to any other post on this thread.


You'll get a more accurate idea of what people are thinking concerning pricing if you have kudo;s to check.

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

I am not pleased with the new system. I feel like the quotes we send should go back to having prices on them before we bid. Also it isn't right that we are charged just for a conversation. Charge for a hire not a conversation. I feel like the customers should also have a time limit on choosing a pro. Thank you!
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Re: Pricing Suggestion

I agree with the majority of these posts that are saying charge us when we have a client hired, or lower your price for instant match. Send us qualified leads, not window shoppers who don't even hire anyone. Allow only 4 pros to bid per client.



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Re: Let's talk about your profile

Please, Please, PLEASE go back to the old way of paying per quote. It was much more useful. For new home construction, this was a much more feasable way. Now that I pay per reply, I dont send many quotes out because here's what happends.

A potential client post they would like a new home constructed. I answer their quote as I do design and have relationships with general contractors for referals. However, 9 times out of 10 their first initial reply is "how much does a new construction home cost?"

I answer their question with a very general rough estimate per square foot and they reply "ok thanks" or something like that.

The problem is I just paid $54.83 to answer a general question they could have googled. Why am I being charged for this?

Ive basically stopped using thumbtack. Ive emailed customer service several times (10-12) areguing for a refund because they actually have no interest in hiring me or my services at that time. The clients just want information, which is a good start and could be a client. But thumbtack wont refund because it could be a lead some day. However 95% wont. I would much rather pay less per quote, or pay per hire.  Thumbtack wont change their policy because they are making way more money of the service people after the format change.

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

It would be nice to see a calculator that tells you what youd be charged based on your quote before you send.
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Re: Let's talk about your profile

The profile should be updated the least once a year and maybe adding customer reviews blended in with our job experience that we did during that year. Maybe even including the videos like you have that would be great too. The bidding on the jobs is the set up you have now is terrible because you don’t know how much you’re going to be charged when you bid on the customers job! You need to change that when you bid on a job even if they call you you know what you’re going to be charged I had and one experience usually the photo booths run 6 to 8 dollars I was billed $20 for someone that asked me a question about a Photo Booth never even talk to the customer that’s ridiculous and anyone that thinks that’s not a fair set up and I won’t bid on jobs I don’t know how much you will charge me!