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Re: Let's talk about your profile

I am concurring/suggesting the following:

1) Customers Should be made to reply within 48 hrs of when Pros send quote?
2) Pros should not be charged until they are hired .

3) They should be a FLAT RATE for their quite (not charging different amounts at the different times for a job that they 90% of the time won't get hired.
Imagine I was charged $75 for a small bathroom tile Job.....and the lady was using a cheap tactic if responding with....." I got a quote of $ 4000, can you give me a lower bid .......then when you do she moves to another pro with the same tactics?

2) If they are not ready for a project they should not waste Pros money even responding and then you get charged and You never hear from them again.

Please I'm getting very depressed with Thumthack , at 1 time I spent $1000 without getting 1 job .

It's is disheartening.

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New system

Is anyone as upset as I am about the new budget policy? I just cant believe that it went from $3.33 to $9-$14 (in my field). This is my only source of income and I can't pay all that money ESPECIALLY if it's not the right fit or someone else is hired. The application that the customer has to fill out to hire a pro is not even set up in a way that you have all the info you need so you are forced to speak to the customer, which is Thumbtacks fault. If you get info that is not a good fit for you, you paid that money for nothing! I am so upset that I am regretfully cancelling my account as are many that I referred to Thumbtack.
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Pricing RipOff

I just received my first Weekly Insight with the new pricing, what a shock. I just paid $45 for someone to ask me a dumb question.


I reached out to Thumbtack Live Chat and they tried to tell me how awesome the new system is. Im glad that I saw that there are a lot of other people on here that arent happy with the new pricing system. 


The lack of transparency is beyond a joke. There is no advertised fee scale availabe either so until you receive the high invoice, you dont know what you will be paying for someone to ask a dumb question.

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Re: Pricing Suggestion

@Meckell Could you please share a phone number with who to call at TT (customer service) regarding a refund. I've been had again by a customer sending me a message asking, "What's the process for working together?" only to find out several hours later that the quote has expired. I just LOST $20.00 and would like a refund. TT, this is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is that I keep sending customers quotes!

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.


Bruce Booher


Re: Pricing Suggestion

Hi @Booher I'm more than happy to take a look into this for you. Just send me a private message with your account email address and the name of the customer. I look forward to hearing from you! 

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Not worth it

I recently came back to Thumbtack after a 3 year hiatus from doing side jobs. After trying to get a grip on how this new system works and the way pricing is now, along with getting charged almost 50% of the total job for one quote, I decided that it’s not worth it. I simply can’t afford to lose out on that much money right now. Thumbtack used to be a pretty good service but it looks like it’s going the way of all the other leads services out there. Until the pricing structure is fixed I will not be using Thumbtack again.
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We're burning money by using thumbtack

I couldn't be anymore disappointed with Thumbtack. What seemed like a promising tool to help small business grow there business. Has turned out just to be another large company taking advantage of the little guys. Paying ridiculous prices just to QUOTE jobs is only an advantage for TT.

I see countless comments of Pros explaining their postions and extreme dissapointment. WHY hasn't thumbtack done anything about it yet? 

The old system was a lot better because of the quoting price being shown up front. Rigtht now there is zero protection for the PROs. More than anything, I'm just dumfounded by antoher company taking advantage of the small business owners.

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Re: We're burning money by using thumbtack

You're right..I've been saying the same thing but when I read posts from TT employees, they say that a lot of pros are happy even tho the message boards read QUITE differently...

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Re: Pricing Suggestion

I am a web designer with Thumbtack and I have to say the pricing needs to change. I understand TT is also in the business to make money but how is it fair for small businesses where $63 matters.

I'm sure your wondering where I pulled $63 out of....well that is how much it currently costs when a customer reaches out to us via TT. Of course I know the speal "you don't pay unless a customer contacts you." But when they do contact you they don't just contact YOU they contact (5) other TT contractors to get the best price possible. This is one reason why I do not leave Instant Match on.

First and foremost I don't think TT has gotten the tweaks out of the website design area. Currently there are 4 pricing structures $, $$, $$$, & $$$$. But guess what? They all have the same price. How is that fair?

So Joe B. comes on TT to request service for his existing website and puts in the comments "I just want to be shown how to use my Wordpress website". He chooses $ (Basic) and anyone who is on instant match is automatically thrown into shark infested water. First of all if Joe B. contacts any one of them they just lost $63. Most likely that quote won't be above $100-$125.

Moving on to Amy L. she comes on and wants a middle of the road website $$. She puts in the comments "I need a small website for my lawyers office". Of course she instantly gets all the instant match users and then gets the quotes from people that don't use instant match. Then Amy decides hmmmm who am I going to contact? I like him, I like her, him, her, them, get my point. Before you know it she reached out to 6 people and they all just got charged $63. Pleasure doing business with you Amy, thanks for nothing!

Yes I saved the best for last. This is as true as it gets. John D. is interested in a basic website he puts in the comments "looking for a new website for my electrical company."  He goes around and gets his quotes and then reaches out to all the contractors he wants. Everyone is super excited maybe he will pick me!!! NOT! Two days go by and you followed up with John D. and then all of a sudden you get a notification from TT that John D. has "cancelled the project." Thumbtack already has your mulla ($$$). They are swimming in it. Do you get the money back? NOPE! Because TT gives you the runaround and tells you that you were in contact with the customer and they don't know if you are pulling their leg and actually working for the guy. Then they go on to say by the way you should sign up for Instant Match, and read our refund policy. I could tell you where to put that refund policy.

My point is TT needs a better pricing structure. I was saying the other night to my wife I would rather spend $150 month subscription to TT than worry about losing $63 here and there. A customer has many options and they should, but why should the contractor be paying such a high premium for that.

The other option is fix your pricing for each tier. Each tier should not have the same price.

$ - Basic Website - $20 | $$ - Standard - $40 | $$$ - $75 | $$$$ - $100

I'm just throwing numbers out there but for a Basic Website maybe you are going to make $200-$250, then a standard website you could make $200-$499, and so on.

Maybe customers should know that it costs the contractor $xx.xx to contact. Maybe they would be less likely to have a field day getting quotes. Trust me it sucks having money pulled out of your pocket, especially for a small business.

Last but not least make those lovely comments mandatory. When I am looking over what to quote and what not to quote I most likely go with the ones with comments. It's important to know what the hell they want or at least have an idea.

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$32 to quote a <$250 project

Please tell me I'm not insane for thinking this is way too high for me to even consider risking quoting.