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Re: $32 to quote a <$250 project


3200% insane....

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Ridiculous price for customer contact!

Thumbtack needs to get a grip on reality. STOP charging these Ridiculously high charges for customer contacts. Thumbtack  is making customers click readymade options like "I am interested" ... and immediately charging the Pros huge amount!  Thumbtack is also charging for (pasted from chat with Thumbtack):

The customer can click on the phone icon from the page where you exchange messages. That tells the system that they tried to call.

So without knowing if the call went through, Thumbtack already posts the charges on us! Totally against business ethics.

Re: Congratulations to our new class of Top Pros!

Hi my name is William, I am the lead photographer of William J Simpson Photography. Two-time Top Pro here and wanted to vocalize that I would gladly trade my virtually-worthless Top Pro status for the old Thumbtack format, when I was actually able to run a successful photo business month after month. Since the switch to Instant match I’m spending hundreds per month with very little return. This, after a year of funding my business soley via Thumbtack. Regrettably leaving
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No need to quote – just reply!

Some time back I responded to one of these "No need to quote - just reply" and was immediately charged almost $30, yet I did not hear anything from the customer for weeks. I tried to get reimbursed the fee from Thumbtack and they refused. It took me quite some time and a lot of investigative work to track down the customer. After a visit to her home and numerous telephone calls she admitted that she wasn't looking for a wedding officiant as such, that she was trying to gather some information for her son, who was planning on getting married. I found out that she received at least 9 responses similar to mine. I will no longer respond to any  "NO NEED TO QUOTE - JUST REPLY" only to be charged and not even hear back from thecustomer. It is GROSSLY unfair.

I received another one today and I will NOT reply unless and until I know that I can communicate with a prospective customer prior to being charged a fee.

Do you blame me?


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Re: Let's talk about your profile

Spent over $30 but didn’t get hired. I had one conversation with a
Client but flaked at the end. I just wish you don’t actually lose credits until you get hired Smiley Sad
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Re: Let's talk about your profile


Now, if Thumbtack deducts $30.00 from my Account without getting the job, and it happens several times, I will cancel my professional service and go elsewhere.  I don't have money to give "gifts" to Thumbtack.  I am here to earn a living after my spouse past away last year.  Also, it is uneshical to set up a system stealing basically money from Pros and they allready spent time and effort getting connected with a client.


Annerose Kmoch

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

When I started with Thumbtack, leads were $3.37 each.  I bid against 4 vendors.  That price went up and up until a lead is now over $15.00 each and I now bid against 13 vendors. How can a customer compair between 13 vendors?  Then can Instant Match, better known as "give me your money". Now, customers call me up and ask me questions and I have never heard of them before.

"View Insights" is good but tell me who I am bidding against and wha they bid, not this "you are getting warmer" stuff.  Then came "Partial Match". 

I started my business on a whim.  I thought I MIGHT get a costumer or two, but within the first year, I booked over 100 customers.  Thumbtack literally launched my business.  Now, every day Thumbtack launches some new strategy and they usually don't benefit me.  I am glad there are other services who also supply me leads. 

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

What other services supply you leads? Unfortunately, I've had to start exploring other options, as thumbtack has become a money hungry business.
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Re: Top Pro Badge

Back at you...I want my money back!!!!!

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Re: Pricing Suggestion

Same problem here as everyone else. For what I do, paying 30 to 80 dollars would actually be the profit I would make from the job. I really think going back to the credits would be best for you. I remember when credits we're $1.33 each and a typical bid cost me around 3 credits. This worked for me and many others, but the prices now are not realistic and will end up costing you a large portion of the pros who helped build thumbtack. An even better way to charge would be a small fee to bid such as $1.00 and then charge a small amount if one is awarded the job such as $5 to $10. You would see tt grow better if this changes. I will not be bidding on anymore jobs either until the pricing comes back down to earth.