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topic id 33199: IDEA- Integrity & Balance by Customers & Pros
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Re: Let's talk about your profile

I would like to not be charged for a bid unless both the provider and customer agree that “I was hired”

Re: Let's talk about your profile

The service fees are extremely high and unreasonable.     At first, several years ago, Thumbtack got me some lead.  I guess because there are so many compeitors I have gotten zero.    I no longer use Thumbtack cause I get nothing in return.

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Re: Let's talk about your profile

It's simple I want the old Thumbtack that I started with. You guys allowed so much competition to flood and now we just throw our money away because not even one lead we land. I speak for 2 of my brothers that are also in the same business and a close friend. It's just not worth it anymore you guys should work on some type of package(s) pricing to make it affordable to use your service and so that you guys can continue making money also. Thanks
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Re: Let's talk about your profile

There should be a set price for photography quote. You send quotes out and customers contact you for service you don't offer and thumbtack charges you, when there no way you would had gotten that job. I think some of these request that come through is a scam and I hope thumbtack is not making up these fake customer so that we have to pay.
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Re: Pricing Suggestion

Getting hired depends on location for both my Pet-sitting and my therapy services. I can't afford to pay the fees if I'm not hired because of distance. The requests I'm getting are on average 70 miles away. I get many contacts that don't result in getting hired. I will have to close out my accounts if this doesn't change to fee if HIRED vs CONTACT. Please respond

Re: Pricing Suggestion

@Mystifire Our long-term plan is to eventually have pros paying when hired. However, that’s down the road and the most recent changes are part of the necessary steps to get there. In the meantime, I’d like to look into your travel preferences with you to make sure things are in order. Feel free to private message me with your account email address and we can get started.

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Re: Pricing Suggestion

Hi Moderator, 

Can you please explain how the current pricing structure will help "get down the road" to having a pro pay when hired? How is the new policy of triple charging a Pro for a "contact" a vehicle to  charging a Pro for being hired?

Sounds a bit convoluted to me. I'm a photographer but also an investigative journalist and I'm finding some very strange policy changes at TT that are a bit suspect; charges that were not approved by the Pro beforehand, arbitrary  amounts that make no sense , leads that seem to be, well, FAKE or unsubstantiated or difficult to prove. 


Leigh Clifton



Re: Pricing Suggestion

@studio656west we recently released a video where one of our Product Managers talks about our plan with our pricing structure. When you brought up how your curious as to how our current model will eventually get to only paying when you get hired, I thought of this video. I think you and the many pros on this thread would find it helpful. Around the 10 minute mark he starts talking about how our current model is one step closer to only paying when you're hired:

Re: Let's talk about your profile

Agree!  Mine went from almost $4 per lead to $40+. 

For a client who would pay $60.  

The Math does not work!

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Lead Cost...

Hello! I am a DJ and love using Thumbtack, but i have some concerns, not sure if you share the same...

How can you determine if a client is serious or not to justify the cost to charge various amounts to your choosing? I think it should be the same price for all, regardless. Sometimes the clients with the least information are the more serious, as oppose to the one who ask everyone "Are available for my date?"

Can we get rid of those automatic responses that are there for the client, and make them actually type a personal message to interested Pros? I put up a lot of money and sweat to try and land jobs and have had success.

How about inputting a module for us to weed out those just trying to see what the going rate is? Make them pay $0.50 to a $1 for each Pro they are interested in??? Or maybe put out a disclaimer before they say they are interested in a Pro's service, you can alert them? And by doing so, letting them know it will cost the Pro you are contacting a service fee, whether they decide to hire them or not, once they make contact with them, and to be mindful and considerate.

Just a suggestion. If I were the customer, it would make me think twice before selecting a Pro. Thumbtack will still get paid their due diligence and acquiring it more in a credibly profitable way. Everyone wins! 

Kelvin Williams
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