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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
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topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Make pro pricing and rates more upfront for customers
topic id 24883: Filtering out customers with certain budgets based on pro preferences
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Re: Top tips from Top Pros.

I just received a "prepaid" lead that said that I was the only person that they had selected me for the job. i don't know about any of you but I would exspect this person to contact me for sure, right?

But NO! Not a word back from this supposed person. Now if that's not worrisome and costly to you, well it is for me. No  one to contact or to follow up with, so where's any advantage. A true ghost lead and Thumbtack thinks that this is a perfectly good lead to bill me for. Anyone else other then me find this a completely unacceptable "partnership"?

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Re: Top tips from Top Pros.

THIS! This exactly happened to me. I was the ONLY one that the customer reached out to for an estimate. I quickly responded, and guess what.....NOTHING! Even after following up.....NOTHING!!! Ghost lead 100% . I'm starting to think thumbtack has bots made up to steal money. And it's not like it was a couple of bucks. $56 BUCKS, for absolutely NOTHING! No response, no nothing. I even disputed the charge and thumbtack justified it as it's fair game since the customer reached out, but yet I reply quickly after paying the lead and get nothing back????
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Re: Top tips from Top Pros.

I also see that Thumbtack is using a new marketing approach on us. This one states that " We’ll introduce Tamsin to more pros after 12:02." which I receive at 11:02. It then asks "What happens after four hour? We're answered "If Tamsin hasn’t heard back from anyone, we’ll show Tamsin pros who quoted from the Jobs tab". Much of the problems seem to derive from  the "promote your business" which as I see it is how I got a lead I didn't ask for and was charged for and received absolutely no contact from. I'm clueless how this is supposed to benefit me. If this is an uinintended consequence or worse it needs to be reviwed and changed.

One last comment! In using Thumbtack I often have way more competition then I do in the analog world, as I work in the trades and very rarely  do people seek out more than three bids. Here at Thumbtack my competiton often looks more like a roll call then a referal list. So thumbtack charges all those people for the "lead" and I and many of them often may not receive a response from the theoretical lead that we all paid Thumbtack for. A stacked deck or what? 

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Re: Top tips from Top Pros.

My problem is paying for leads that I am not going to apply because they are too far away yet i am charde anyway

. Yes i walk dogs as part of my businrss but not an hour away or more from me. The cost of the lead and the gas would leave me in the hole. But i dont want to take dog walking out of my services. I do not like the way the leads work

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Re: Pricing and Lead Process

I wholeheartedly agree with you on the lack of respect and concern that Thumbtack seems to operate under with regards to theid Pros. Welcome to the gig economy, I guess, where you serve the master App.

This has been going on for ever. The solutions always seem to only serve the master App. As i've stated in other responces, the scale to fairness and equity is always with the master App. not with the people who deliver the product or service. Fill in the name of your favorite master App here.

Maybe what's needed here is a Pro operated referral App. Because in my case, as a Painting contractor, paying $75 for a lead that, were I guarenteed the job would be a great deal, but I'm guarenteed nothing at all really for that $75. Thumbtack also floods us with other Pros all vying for the same job. Thunbtack makes a killing and we've paid for it, and often never actually get a chance to talk to anyone. The qustion should then be, is that really a lead? I could go on but I've got to find some work!!  

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Improvements to business model?

As a pro who has been with TT for 4+ years and gone through all the changes from good to bad I have to say that the small improvements in leads etc. has been underwhelming and the overall result is TT making far less from me than they did in the 3 years before the lead cost changes...

Case in point, I received and email that said "Monica wants to hire you." When I go to my TT inbox it reads "Monica wants your availability." I'm given the choice to Accept or Decline. If I accept I am charged $75. This is clearly predatory marketing. Photos attached.

I have been a vocal critic of the new business model since it's inception and I will repeat, I and I know many other pros would not mind paying a higher price for a guaranteed hire. This is the pro/agent model used the world over.

It in untenable for me to pay $75 for un-verified lead that simply wants my availability. It is confusing and dishonest to send me an alert email saying the client wants to hire me and then make me accept the $75 charge just to give my availability. 

If this is truly how you expect to get business from pros, you are mistaken. 

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Re: Improvements to business model?

I have to say that many of these new marketing changes for leads look exactly like that...MARKETING!

They seem meant to add an urgency to make us click quicker. Real leads should look business like, not click bait.

I've suggested to TT to ask potential customers to supply more information, primarily a telephone number. Asking that these potential customers to add a modicum of info shouldn't be to much to ask if they're a serious customer, which is what we BOTH should want. TT's position is they want to make it easy for them, well that's all well and good from their end, but that's one of the reason we end up paying for ghost leads.

There are a few to make this fair end equitable, one way is that TT akcknowledges that they allow window shopping so TT MUST share some of that burden and not continue trying to convince their true customers. you and I, that we work this cost into our budget. So TT should shoulder some of of the costs for their policy of window shopping or tire kickers!

Limit the number of people to can bid a job. That's brings TT closer to the real world on this subject. As I've mentioned in other forums, how can I fairly compete with twenty people for the same job. I undwerstand that TT likes those numbers, I don't! Also by getting phone number's from potential customer's it stops the double and sometimes triple attempts by the same person looking for a PRO.

If TT is really looking to make this work for it's real customer, again you and I, they'll look at ways to truly be fair and equitable. In the age of income inequality this might be unrealistic from the apps perspective, but that's why WE have a vote. OUR DOLLARS!

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Re: Improvements to business model?

@GuestChefM : I am a Chef too and fully understand the leads, alerts and pre-fab message ("Monica wants your availability"). In my experience, there are several red flags here. If Monica truly wants to hire, then she will send a detailed personalized message to you that tells detais, asks questions, and has an air of enthusiasm. I do not see any of that when the alert says ".....wants your availability". The biggest red flag is that 11 other pros were promoted on this lead. That's a long line to stand in and a lot of competition to deal with for this size job. I wouldn't bother with this one. I have learned that although has a great forum for presenting our profiles, most customers never read them. When I get a pre fab question in my inbox I know that the customer did not look at my info. So, basically we can set our preferences by using our own criteria as to what constitutes a decent lead. I have adapted my business model with all the changes since last year. My emphasis on accepting leads has been from other means and sites. TT is still plays a part in all of it; just not the way it once did. I have never based my entire business on the apparatus of just one site. I hope this helps.

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Re: Improvements to business model?

Excellent observation. I'm learning as a TT Pro as I go... that if you don't watch out for your best interest, TT centainly won't.

Another Red Flag: Beware when TT sends you a so called lead that says: "Willing to travel 25 miles to Pro", which unless they are 25 miles from your location, you might as well forget about... as in my experience I've never received a return response from anyone who's checked this box. Bottom Line: TT should not be wasting the Pro's time and money by sending us people who only want to do business locally and in their own communities.

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The very unfair competition

I just want to express my concern about the prices of my competition. There are cleaning services offering deep cleanings of large homes in the Boston area for as low as $60 and it is impossible to compete. I pay taxes, business insurance, and pay my employees a living wage. I noticed that Thumbtack does not require companies to provide proof of business insurance or proof of paying taxes or employees. $60 for cleaning won't even cover my overhead. 

We are a legitimate and reputable business and it just isn't a level playing field for some of these other companies who I have to assume don't pay taxes or insurance if they are charging $60 per cleaning
I spend up to $200 a week on Thumbtack for leads and I am happy to pay, but more of these leads need to turn into closed business and the market is just flooded with too many companies