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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
topic id 33199: IDEA- Integrity & Balance by Customers & Pros
topic id 32384: Private Chef/Catering Pricing
topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Make pro pricing and rates more upfront for customers
topic id 24883: Filtering out customers with certain budgets based on pro preferences
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too high fees,

these quotas are too high, to other sites, previously tumbctack was well in addition there are clients who place outdoor landscaping and describe it as something big when in reality the work is less than described, I can not risk paying $ 75 and there are clients that They only want an estimate, then the one who spends is me paying $ 75, wasting time and gas. please tumbtack do a job of notifying clients how much the pro pays, when contacted and stop contacting up to 5 people for an estimate because if we make a number the winner is you understand they need to pay their employees but not at such a high price from what we work with, we earn the money.

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Re: too high fees,

@Eg thanks for writing in. I'd like to discuss this a bit more to see what type of prices could be fairer for you. Can you tell me what about this $75 job didn't match up for you? Are there any questions you felt we could have asked to determine that the job was much smaller than it appeared and possibly made it less expensive?

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Re: too high fees,

all the jobs that clients describe with landscaping are $ 75 when there are clients who do not even know what landscaping is, and they just want weeding, when you get to see the work. I want you to explain to the clients before requesting services that describe what they want correctly and to tell them that the pros pay for them to contact us if they write something unreal, imagine that they only write us and we do not win the job or that otherwise we end up paying and without having earned any income that is a total fraud

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Lead pricing

I have used Thumbtack since my cabinet business started in my garage. The lead prices were reasonable ($5-$20) and I was able to get about a 50% conversion rate under the old system. So it was practical for me to reach out to 5-10 prospective clients a week. But now the prices for the same leads are $60-$90. I haven’t quoted much of anything through Thumbtack since the change. Just can’t justify that much money for a 50-50 shot at a job.
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Re: Lead pricing

Wow! I just came back to Thumbtack after about 6 years and I can't believe how expensive it is!!!
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blatantly stolen

Hi, I have been feel stolen in the last year From thumbtack. I have called few times and I don’t have an response. Before yesterday was the last one, apparently a commercial company Choose me to send a quote for a cleaning services, I accept the lead and I was charged for 75.00, of course the company never called or texted me back but the payment was made, and casually this happens often with the expensive leads, I have a response about best time to call or availability and after that i don’t receive anything from them. I called to TT but they said those a real clients but I doubt it. I think they have an automatic system to made that charges with a specific range of prices. Does someone else facing this problem too?
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Re: too high fees,

These forums are an opportunity for TT to listen to their customers. Having read all the comments here I see that there's more then enough input to now look to make some changes that clearly need changing, as for the moderation, it's time to stop asking questions as most comments here are rhetorical.

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Re: too high fees,

This is a huge issue and will most likely drive me off thumbtack and to other sites.
I cannot afford to pay $40-$100 a week just for emails from potential clients who may or may not hire me. 
I know it may not be the most profitable for TT, but you need to change it to only charge lead fees for leads that result in hires.
If I get hired, I can deduct my lead fee from my total profit and still justify it as advertising.  That said, paying for emails from clients that do not hire me is insane and I cannot afford it.  I am sure I wll be banned, but this business model will result in driving pros off your site and the benefit of your site is having a large selection of pros to choose from.   
Maybe you can charge $2-$3 for email contacts, and then charge another fee like $25-$50 once a confirmed paying job is hired.   


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Pricing and paying for credits

When I first began with thumbtack it was much more cost effective for the pro.
Perhaps this system needs to be brought back!!

We purchased credit packages. So in reality you paid maximum 20.00 25.00 for a large quote not 75.00

This system worked better for pros as we had more control over who we choose to offer our services too.

Paying 75.00 for a client who is shopping and sending the request to 4 other caterers makes thumbtack a lot of money. They message you and your 75.00 fee is taken from the weekly budget.

Then after you were charged the client never responds and you are charged because the client contacted you.

The cost for quotes should always be an option for us to choose if we want to bid for the quote or not.

Also, if a client contacts just you, are charged and put in the work but client does not respond.

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Thumbtacks Pricing Model is Outrageous and

I've been with Thumbtack since 2014 and I have seen various changes to the platform that while excellent for the leads, eh, not so much for Thumbtacks actual customers.  They have structured the platform to require automation or "target bidding" a necessity to rank on their platform, which is fine unless/until:

1.  Customers don't intend to hire

2. Customers don't respond

3. Customers stop responding

We aren't given any contact information for the client to follow up outside of the app and, they are constantly changing the app appearance and function, that even I can't operate the inconsistencies between the app and the online portal.  Yet and still we are charged $20-$30 for leads who check erroneous boxes to get the best discount which in turn inflate our cost.  I've had experiences where 3 pros paid over $20 for a lead that hired no one.

When you reach out to Thumbtack its unfortunate that they fail to realize that the Pro's are their customers and we keep the platform going.