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I am a DJ getting less and less business through thumbtack as I have to increase my cost to the customer to where I am losing jobs. I have spent a lot of money trying to make thumbtack work for me but alas unless someone requests me specifically I don’t send quotes anymore! Way to expensive! Most times I don’t even get any response from the quote I send?  Im not sure I trust that the potential client received it? There should be something to send back feedback to the person sending the quote! The good part is my word of mouth business has picked up, but not because of thumbtack.DE024B3F-33EE-4BF6-85DF-4BB0668CAA6A.jpeg


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Re: Pricing!

Same Here
Thank God for other marketing opportunities... Thumbtack is very unreasonable at this time...DJs in my area of DMV feel the same.... Hope they make useful changes soon so presence on site is purposeful
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Re: Pricing!

Do your own online marketing or get a professional to build you a website get it optimized and you will get good quality leads,

Thumbtack is to expensive and why would you want to compete with up to 15 other professionals what that does is drive the cost  of the project/job down.

You will generate better quality leads at a fraction of the cost,and will not be competing with so many professionals.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Pricing!

I agree, I DJ in the Boston area. Quotes are still too expensive for many of the leads I’m seeing($50!?). Also why does thumbtack advertise Pros as costing a certain amount for any job? Just yesterday a customer claimed Thumbtack had me shown at $200 for gigs in general. I clicked the view as customer and looked at all of the pros in the area and confirmed what they saw.
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Re: Pricing!

@BradBaldwin whatever pricing pros have listed in their settings is what we show to customers. If you have any questions about this or notice things are off with your profile, please send me a private message. I want to make sure we get things taken care of for you! 

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