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Re: Fees


Yes, we pay to get connected with the customers mostly through Conversation Starters.  And yes we have to try to seal the deal. My concern is that two weeks ago, I received Conversation Starters "What is your estimate?", and my prices are in my profile. This proves that customer didn't read my profile. Today is 8 days since I've received a conversation stater. For months now, and recently with phone reps, I've given suggestions on improving Promote. My question, what is being done to improve Promote(not just from my suggestions, but other Pros as well)

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Re: Fees

@DJStevie I understand your frustration behind conversation starters and myself along with other team members who you've spoken with have submitted your feedback.

You have given us a lot of great feedback regarding Promote and we really appreciate it. We take all of the feedback we receive seriously, I can promise you that. Our product teams analyze all of the feedback and then determine what needs to be changed. Like we've said, we know that things aren't perfect and we are working hard to make the needed changes to better fit both pros and customers. Changes won't be made overnight, but work is being done. 

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Re: Fees


It's more than frustrating. March is here in 2 weeks, and I believe it's been since November when I first gave my feedback, along with other Pros. Several threads have been posted as well, but is it possible for Thumbtack to post something to keep us updated as to what is happening? Maybe a status update on improvements, etc? This way Pros aren't left in the dark. It's a suggestion.

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Re: Fees

I am having the same issues. “What is your estimate”. I should NOT have to pay TT for someone to ask me that question and then disappear. Potential customers do the same with the question “what is your availability” and then disappear and again I am out and TT wins again. Not a fair system.
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Re: Fees

Without a phone number,email address and the actual address we will not under any circumstances pay top dollar only to get a persons name.

This cannot be classified as a genuine lead

If the customer will not submit this criteria it sends a very clear message  that they are not serious about the project, not ready to hire and are just a tire kicker.

A certain other competitor  provides all of this information and the LEAD is free.

Thats why we are still with them,saves money without going to this forum and trying to change thumbtacks policys ,it simply  wont happen as theres to many pros out there who like to throw away money

Re: Fees

As an electrician, the latest quote opportunity was to confirm old wiring in a home was dead. This quote would have cost me $21.50 !!
I would have to charge the homeowner $125, to make the job worthwhile....that's $40 above what I would normally charge. The prices have to come back to reality.
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You were better before new pricing

I would like to cancel. I have been charge 3 times recently. Once in October for a lead, went to home and no one by the contact name lived there. When I requested a credit, I was denied and told your information was correct. I went back to the home and the gentleman told me no one by the contact name ever lived there. Okay so I was burned. Now I have been charged the last two times because I received a response to quotes. Both times no one responed back. Now I have been burned three times by your new system. I would like to remove my credits owed to me. Please tell me how. I feel bad because I have worked so hard in building profile. I have some great clients that I have developed and are regular work for 5 years. I needed to fill in a few openings in my schedule but will look via your competitors.
You really need to fix your pricing problems. I have spoken with other pros that are just as unhappy about their own accounts and have moved on from
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Re: You were better before new pricing

Hey @Vggigi!

I hate when I get burned like that.  But, to be perfectly honest, issues like these could be very avoidable if you require a contract and/or desposit for work.

Also, the pricing has changed, but so has the system entirely.  If you're having issues getting the best out of the new system, I would recommend calling Thumbtack and asking for guidance.  They'll be able to explain in detail what has changed and what you can do to maximize your ability to get the best results from it.  You can almost use the system the way you use to, but I personally wouldn't recommend it.

I hope you find a solution to these issues your having!


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Re: Let’s talk about promoting your business

Let's talk about making your service affordable again. $53 is 4-5 times what it used to cost to respond to a lead.
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Re: Let’s talk about promoting your business

Because of your fee structure. Has turned me off of your  and alot of other contractors.   your fee  sructure should be changed..


thank you

dan hurley