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topic id 32826: Raising prices but do not state what the prices are!!!!!
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topic id 26197: Paying twice for the same lead
topic id 25265: Pricing
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topic id 22503: Leads
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topic id 19454: Marketing Executive From Thumbtack Chooses Promoted Lead, Then Radio Silence
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Re: Let’s talk about promoting your business


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Re: Let’s talk about promoting your business

I was charged 75 dollars for one lead and have not even met with the prospective client. I will not be using TT again until they stop hiding their fees until after the fact. I won't agree to accepting a lead unless they first tell me how much it will cost me. STOP the surprise attacks !
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Re: Let’s talk about promoting your business

I've had a profile for several years and it used to be great when I was able to buy credits, but I haven't used thumbtack for quite a while because paying over $20.00 when a customer contacts me is way too much, especially if they don't hire me. I'm sorry that you changed the pay scale because I used to refer contractors to you, but not any more. One more thing, I had over 40 reviews and you removed over half of them because they didn't come from thumbtack. That is not good.
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Price of leads.

Whatever happened to the pricing where we got to see how much a lead would cost us, so we could decide what we wanted to pay. This seems unfair now because we don't know what we are paying til afterward. Go back to the old way.
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Re: Let’s talk about promoting your business

Hi Studio92,
I agree with you 1000%. There is now no difference between Thumbtack and Home Advisor, except H.A. offers more leads and somewhat controls the number of pros in your area. But, H.A. charges more($288 for signing up). I quit H.A. for getting charged at least $100 for leads that never panned out or responded, but they say they expect it to even out when you do win a job. They’re ok with us now paying 4 times to win 1.
Tack says they did this change to help matching customers to pros automatically and they’ll stop losing jobs because of pros not responding. I did remind the rep I was talking to of who their customer actually is, the pros who are paying them for nothing. Good luck to you.

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Anybody notice the amount of leads ghosting you once they've charged you for the lead. I personally have had great success on this site  for a number of years until they changed there format for charging pros and the way leads  are recieved. Why don't they  have the credit purchase anymore and then charge an appropriate amount of credits towards responding to a lead? I have a lot of reviews and  am a 5 star rated pro.Yet thumbtack is charging crazy fees now with 0 responses recently, I am reluctant to even respond anymore because it almost appears that the leads are fake. there use to be at least some conversation between myself and a lead....not anymore.....

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Re: Let’s talk about promoting your business

The prices of leads are ridiculously high compared to what they were
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Re: Let’s talk about promoting your business

Same here thumbtack is getting rich off us..up to 5 pros paying for 1 lead and only 1 pro getting that lead some of my leads cost 86 dollars so 5 x $86 =$430
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Re: Pricing

Last chance! If you have something you want me to discuss with Marco, please let me know. I'm speaking to him in about 15 minutes.

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We do concrete coatings. We need actual square footage and a condition report to provide a quote. When I signed up the cost was $5 per quote. Although I was unable to quote the job without actually going to the job location, for $5, I would respond with "I would be happy to come to your location for a free consultation, please contact me to set up an appointment." Now that the price is $35. If I got one response out of 7 or 8 I was OK with it becasue we have a high close rate when we schedule an appointment. I can not justify using the service on the current pricing platform. That is the cost of Home Advisor and I at least get a phone number AND an email address for the lead from them, and they refund if there is no response from the lead. I have not gotten a decent lead from Thumbtack in almost 3 months and now it feels like a big gamble to accept a job. It was fun while it lasted at 5 bucks!