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The Trouble With Promote....

I just turned off promote for all of my categories and plan to keep it off until TT fixes the issue of ghost leads. I have responded to leads within minutes of the lead entering my inbox and followed up numerous times and have a response rate of any kind of under 10%. I asked TT if they could tell me if the lead even read my response and they have not provided me with that data so far. This is where read receipts would be of great value.

I completely understand there is no guarantee a lead will convert to a client, and I understand that not all leads will ever respond, but this response rate is utterly ridiculous. I also completely understand that pros should pay for leads with no guarantee of conversion (at a market competitive rate). However, At this time I cannot rationalize paying for a lead that has a near zero percent chance of responding in any manner at all.

TT's app needs to do a better job educating and vetting leads as to what to expect and what the lead generation system is. It feels that there are too many people just randomly pressing buttons with zero intention to buy our services... and I begin to wonder if someone else is actually spamming their system to create the pro dissatisfaction that we are now widely seeing. I did post a job as a customer yesterday and received multiple followup emails that "pros are waiting" from TT, not from the pros... and I have to admit they look kind of spammy and more about TT and less about the pros. It just felt like I was being bombarded with unnecessary email in my inbox.

If TT could provide true analytics as to what is going on, I may have a different opinion... but they seem to refuse to offer that which makes me leary...also, their leader's refusal to address this issue head on in last night's conference call is worrisome.

If I am doing the wrong thing, I ask my fellow TT Pros to educate me as to what I am missing. I really really want this lead generation tool to work. In 2018 my conversion rate of TT leads was over 50% and a substantial source of my firm's billables! In 2019 it is 3% and to date I am underwater in this lead source.   My practice hasn't changed. My method of pursuing leads hasn't changed. My prices have not changed.  I am simply at a loss, frustrated, and somewhat angry to be honsest.

The first quarter of 2019 is almost closed and I am setting my plans for 2Q19. In the current situation it just does not make good business sense to spend my marketing dollars here with no opportunity for a positive ROI.

Comments from pros welcome.


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Re: The Trouble With Promote....


I think that you know my feelings about Promote. I've posted and commented numerous times about how it. In a 24 hour period I had 114 views, 3 leads and 1 booking. Like you said, there is no guarantee that leads will convert into a client. But how does my data in 24 hours calculate into a great 2019? Other platforms have come into play to help fill in my schedule.

One post of mine about a month ago, was asking fellow DJ Pros for advice if Promote was working for them. Only 1 responded and he is doing same thing as myself. So, how it works for him and not me, I don't know.  I also did everything Moderators, on line reps and phone rep suggested and still nothing. Phone rep was surprised. I gave her suggestions and I get the usual "your feedback is helpful and passed on". So now, I handle things my way until major improvements are made, hopefully soon. I thought that Webinar was supposed to be helpful, but from speaking with 3 fellow peers, it wasn't.

Anyway, I wish that I could give you positive advice. Hopefully someone can give you the advice to help you.

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Re: The Trouble With Promote....

@DJStevie Thank you for the response. 

I have considered whether TT is a good fit for my line of work - legal services. But these days, most people find a lawyer online and are very price sensitive. Also, most litigants are self represented so they are looking for legal advice but not necessarily full/traditional representation. This is where, I believe, TT actually can fit in that sweet spot of clients. 

Like I said, not long ago it was a big win...for me and my clients... I received many compliments about the TT experience. Now, I have so few TT clients I really cant tell - but the last one I asked how the experience was, he said something to the effect of "not good... I found a good lawter, but the TT site was not as good as it used to be." I asked him if he would use it to find other contractors, his rsponse was " I think there are better sites out there - these sites come and go.. new and better ones are being set up all the time." Unfortunately most do not offer legal services - if they did I would be there in a heartbeat. There is no point in loyalty.

This is concerning to me as TT is one of my "front doors to my law firm" In many ways, TT is part of my reputation as a client focused, ethical law firm in the community.. if my front door looks shoddy, potential clients are not going to enter.


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Promote - why the have to decide for me?

Today i had a lead from instant match, now it would be find if Thumbtack let me choose if i want to pay or not for that lead. Because today i had to paid for a lead that wanted me to film a day that i can't film because i'll be out of state. So why the have to decide for me? 


Re: Promote - why the have to decide for me?

@uonlinetv We understand that there are days that you have other jobs or have some other things going on. That's why there's the calendar for you to utilize. If time is blocked off on your calendar and a customer is requesting a job for that day, we kindly let them know that you aren't available and you are not charged. Please let me know if you have any other questions about this. 

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