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Re: Questionable leads

@GeorgeH what you pay for is the introduction. We introduce you to customer's and then it's up to you to win them over and seal the deal. Like we've mentioned, we know it's frustrating when you don't hear back from customers. We are empathizing with you and are truly hearing out what you have to say. Feedback is being noted and I can assure you that you're being heard. 

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Re: Questionable leads

I understand the whole introduction thing... there is value in that.  If there wasnt, there would not be any pro's using TT.  Have you ever gone to a function where your host introduced you to some of the other guests in attendance?  Wouldnt you think it were rude if in the midst of one of those introductions, the person you were meeting greeted you with a limp handshake while looking the opposite direction... then walked off, not giving you the courtesy of a smile or a word.. Your host would be embarrased, and your feelings would be hurt.. This is what Thumbtack has become for many pro's regarding the frequency of ghosts and limp wristed introductions... We hear you when you say that "somebody" is working on a fix... we just dont see it.  It's a shame, because for most of us, that is the one key issue that keeps us from making a larger commitment to Thumbtack.  It just doesnt feel good anymore.  Can you offer us some tangible feedback on what sort of proposals are being considered to handle these costly non-introductions?

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Paying for leads

TT says: We pay for leads when :
For new leads that match your preferences in services you promote-

So why is it when the client didnt match my preference I was refused a refund?

Re: Paying for leads

I see this thread died down (without a response from TT), but ironically, I just posted about this in another thread:


Although for me it's the opposite. On my end, there is nowhere for me to actually indicate which budget range I want to work with. Despite this, the lead comes through, saying I matched to them partially because their budget range fit me. How is it matching me to the customer's budget, if you never let me set that anywhere?

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Re: Questionable leads

I am getting same ,i am in austin and getting leads from belton,San antonio,Houston stupid,also  leads partial roof replacement 75.00

partial could be 300 sq ft

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Re: Questionable leads

Why can't we as pros script ouur own intake questions? Maybe limit to 4 or 5, but if you are interested in doing business with us, let us ask a few questions up front to better prep for the first lead/pro interraction.

I use intake forms all the time for my practice - works wonders and really helps to set expectations before we even meet.

Besides, what is relevant for a pro in the desert may make no sense for a pro in New Orleans where parts of the city is actually below sea level.

Re: Questionable leads

What a wonderful solution!