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TackMaster Penn-The-Moment

Refund after no response through Promotion

Hello Everyone! 

I would love to see if we can go back to the policy of immediate refund after no response.  There used to be a Thumbtack Policy if the client didn't see the quote or respond in a certain amount of time, we were getting refunded. 

Now.....through promotion. We get contacted, we respond, and more then half the time, I/we get empty air. 

We now can't see if our messages are being read. 

We now can't see if the "lead", has engaged in further conversation with anyone. 

I would love to have more insight if this was just a person/robot, clicking buttons and contacting us, or if in fact the contacts went further, just maybe not with me. 

I don't feel it is justified for us to be charged for leads that contact us, and then don't engage with any of us at all. Or don't see our responses, don't care, get distracted, doing other things, etc, and then never going anyfurther with Thumbtack. 

I am completely happy paying for real leads. I love Thumbtack for offering us many tools to engage with leads and bring us together. 

I however am not happy paying thousands of dollars for being contacted with no responses and no way for us to tell if any of it was even an intentional hire or just someone having fun, passing time, and clicking on buttons. Smiley Wink 

I don't feel us pros should be charged if the "lead" doesn't even pursue anything with anyone. 

I get that this platform has improved a lot, and thank you. I being on here since the beggining and gone through all of the pros and cons with the company, understand growth and know there is always room for improvement. I, and I think I am speaking for most of us, would just love some more clarification as to where my/our money is really going. To actual leads, or just air. 

Appreciate your time as always! 

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Community Manager DustiO
Community Manager

Re: Refund after no response through Promotion

Hi @Penn-The-Moment! These are some great questions and some common pain points for our pros. I appreciate the positive and constructive manner in which you presented some tough topics, thank you!

  • Increasing lead quality is a top priority right now for Thumbtack. It is important to us that Thumbtack has a good ROI for our pros - when customers turn their conversations into hires, everyone wins.
  • Check out this recent product update post - you are now able to see not only how many pros a potential customer has contacted, but also how many pros have responded!
  • We have also adjusted the way you can request refunds, thanks to pro feedback.

I agree with you that the platfrom has improved a lot, and I also recognize that we still have a long way to go. Feedback like this is important to us, especially from pros like you, A FOUR TIME TOP PRO!!!!

Community Veteran

Re: Refund after no response through Promotion

@DustiO You said "you are now able to see not only how many pros a potential customer has contacted, but also how many pros have responded!"

can we also be given data on how many pros received a response from the customer after the pro sent their first response?


Active Community Member

Re: Refund after no response through Promotion

@DustiO Can you give us an update on when we will see a fair refund policy around ghosting? I'm with @Penn-The-Moment, the fact we pay the same money when a lead ghosts everyone vs. engages in (any) conversations is my #1 barrier to using Promote. Thanks. 

@MR I agree it would be really helpful as a third status to see not just how many Pros responded, but how many conversations are happening. I'm actually much more inclined to quote a lead if there are active conversations since it's a good indication they customer is really interested in a project. 

Community Veteran

Re: Refund after no response through Promotion

@TheLast10SF  Exactly.

I get spammed several times a day by robocalls on my phone by less than desireable people who think that is a good way to spend a day.

How do I know that same thing isnt happening to TT trying to create low customer satisfaction rates to help the competition. (By customer, I mean Pros as we are the ones paying the bills)


Moderator Kameron

Re: Refund after no response through Promotion

@MR we have systems in place to prevent scenarios like that from occurring, as it's not something we want happening for pros either. If you have a contact that you find suspicious please let us know. 

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Re: Refund after no response through Promotion

@Kameron  Right now, I think many of the pros would agree that most of the leads that come through the Promote feature are suspicious - we have no way to contact them, we have no idea if they saw our response and we never see a response from them. I am currently working at a ghost rate of 100%. I can't remember the last time I actually had a lead respond to one of my responses. Basicially the system has shut down for me. 


Moderator Meckell

Re: Refund after no response through Promotion

@Penn-The-Moment thanks for starting this conversation! In the past, you were refunded if the customer didn't view your quote within 48 hours. If they viewed it but didn't respond, you were still charged. We heard a lot of frustrations about this and that's why we moved to our current pricing structure where you only pay for interested customers. If you quote on a job through the Jobs tab, you're not charged until the customer responds. If a customer views your quote but doesn't respond, you aren't charged. If a customer chooses you through a list of pros when they do a search, you're charged when they decide they want more info from you. However, they're that much more valuable as they chose you out of a number of other pros. 


I do see where your frustration is coming from when a customer reaches out initially and you don't hear from them again. As Dusti mentioned, increasing lead quality is a high priority for us right now. You have found so much success on Thumbtack with almost 200 hires and 100 reviews. That's seriously amazing! We want Thumbtack to continue being beneficial for you and your business and are here to help you with whatever you need. 

Thanks for being so constructive, we appreciate that here in the Community!

Community Veteran

Re: Refund after no response through Promotion

  • Increasing lead quality is a top priority right now for Thumbtack. It is important to us that Thumbtack has a good ROI for our pros - when customers turn their conversations into hires, everyone wins.

How are you going to increase lead quality when ANYONE can visit Thumbtack and ANYONE can reach out to a Pro. Are you going to prevent 'poor quality' leads from looking for a Pro? I mean even if you were prepared to turn away 'poor quality' leads how would you objectively evaluate their 'quality' in the first place to determine which visitors are 'poor quality' are which aren't?

How would you evaluate the 'quality' of a visitor to Thumbtack? 

ANYONE who has access to the internet can visit Thumbtack and without entering any personal identifying information about themselves they can Search for a Pro. The unidentified visitor can click on a Pro shown in the Search results to look at that Pro's profile. The unidentified visitor can choose to reach out to the Pro and when they do they will be asked to enter pertinent details about their job. Only at the end of that process is the unidentified visitor asked for identifying personal information such as their email address, full name and phone number.

That's the only identifying information Thumbtack collects about the visitor. Are you going to somehow evaluate their 'quality' at that point and if you deem them to be 'poor quality' deny the visitors request to reach out to the Pro? I can't see it working that way myself.

Or maybe you'll require the visitor to enter their telephone number and someone from Thumbtack will call the visitor and conduct some kind of 'interview' to assess their 'quality'. If they are deemed 'poor quality' then their job would be discared. If not then the visitor would become a lead and get sent to the Pro who would then be charged. I can't see it working that way either, it's not practical.


I think we can all agree that some of the visitors to Thumbtack are 'poor quality' for one reason or another. We wouldn't be having this discussion otherwise.

Are Thumbtack willing to prevent 'poor quality' visitors (assuming they can actually be identified as 'poor quality') from ever reaching out to Pros? To me the only way you can logically increase lead quality is by turning some visitors away and preventing them from reaching out to Pros in the first place. If you did that though then Thumbtack would make less money so I can't envison Thumbtack entertaining that idea.

Or maybe there's some other way I can't see for increasing lead quality.

Simple question. How are Thumbtack going to increase lead quality?


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Re: Refund after no response through Promotion

I think a pro should be allowed to decline a potential lead that is a month out or has not committed to any schedule.

A pro should be able to decline a lead sent after normal business hours or specific hours set by pro.

Not providing email address or phone number .

The afformentioned should all be visible to the pro.

I am also concerned that my initial verbage communicated to the consumer evaporates and when I go to it for reference it only posts what my quote was.

Attracting potential clients is about quality conversation not pricing. Pricing does not win clients. Salesmanship does. It's obnoxious to ask for price without negotiation. Every job is different. That negotiation should only be done with pro and potential client NOT thru TT. Once the lead contacts me and the lead is paid for, that should be my business.

TT should allow potential clients to describe what they are seeking with their own writing and if not, pros should also be able to decline the lead. Negotiation of the deal is just as important as the work itself.

Questions provided by TT with answers provided by TT for potential clients to respond to is preposterous . Synthetic communication. Zero personality. Questions that have zero knowledge of a professionals skills and experience created by TT makes it extreamly hard for a pro to accept. We have a certain criteria that we look for as pros seeking potential clients. These TT templets with prefab Q and A is nothing short of insulting to an educated consumer and professional. The potential client should be real skeptical. TT
Pretending not to know better and getting free feedback from their pros is a complete waste of our time. TT needs to make their own mistakes and pay for them at their own expense not ours.

Complete buffoonery. Getting opinions from this guy and a few from that lady over there and a few more from someone over there does not make TT experts in our business let alone profit with premium lead prices is complete misrepresentation to TT pros and consumer. What is TT actually selling ?? TT is a corporation with lawyers and investors behind them
Could they tolerate what they expect us to and still profit ?

When corporations don't have respect for ones time and labor, they are dangerous to anyone who believes them.