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TackMaster Penn-The-Moment

Re: Refund after no response through Promotion

Thank you all for chiming in! 

I still feel there needs to be a better way of managing no response, ghosting leads. 

I understand for Thumbtack to make a profit when it is rightfully so. 

I don't agree with Thumbtack making a profit from pro's being ghosted. After a certain time that a response back from the lead does not result to anyone, the pro's should not be charged. 

I am a business person. When I see thousands of dollars going out the door with no return profit, I recognize this is not smart business. I can in return take my thousands of dollars, market my business, and see a return profit. This is smarter business. Smiley Wink 

I love working with Thumbtack and have been with the company and want to even be a bigger part of helping thumbtack grow. I just really want to see more actions for the lack of actions by possibly false leads. 

If I get paid or others get paid, then yes, thumbtack should definitely make a profit. If the contacted lead doesn't result in any type of hire, why should thumbtack take money from (8) pros? That means (8) pros were contacted, no one got hired, yet thumbtack makes all the profit. Great for Thumbtack, not so great for us pros. 

I believe in Thumbtack, and I hope that working towards a better balance, is in the near future! Please understand that I am happy being a part of this company. I don't feel I should be contributing more to something that doesn't even result in a hire for anyone. I feel that anyone in my shoes would feel the same way. It's business sense.  Nothing works better then improving the product and then heping others with it to gain success all around. Smiley Wink 

In addition to my response-

I really think we should only get charged when a lead responds back to us after the initial contact with the intent of moving forward. We cannot make everyone hire us and there are so many prefrences and differences between us all. We do deserve to know if this is indeed a legit lead or not and if our money is going towards the right things or just anyone on a computer.  Thumbtack, I encourage you to see where we are all coming from. 



Active Community Member

Re: Refund after no response through Promotion

At this point, if we can't get refunding for ghosting (aka NO response) once we send a response, then I'm going to have to stop using Thumbtack.    I am not getting any jobs at all and nobody is responding.    I even send a follow up message.   I'm paying for leads that go nowhere.

there has to be a better system then this.   Why not take a percentage of the booking fee?   I'm more then happy to pay a percentage if I actually get hired but now I'm just paying and paying and nobody responds to my messages.    How do I even know they are real people?