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Refund for suspicious activity?

I was corresponding with a job poster and I think he was about to hire me, but now the request is showing up as ‘expired’ with a message that says ‘this lead was suspicious so we removed it for now.’ Will I be automatically refunded for this? And how do you deem a lead suspicious?
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Moderator Meckell

Re: Refund for suspicious activity?

@crussell821 Yes, you will automatically be refunded for this. There are a variety of things that can deem a lead as suspicious and our system tries to catch this activity quick to keep pros like yourself safe. 

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Re: Refund for suspicious activity?

I have an additional question. I also had a lead removed due to suspicious activity and would like more information on why.  The reason being is that I ended up corresponding with them off the platform and provided personally identifying information.  I would like to know why so that I can handle accordingly.



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Moderator Kameron

Re: Refund for suspicious activity?

@alignedmeditati in order to get more information about that specific lead I would reach out through any of our support channels and have the name of that customer ready to share and discuss.

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