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Requesting refunds

I notice on my credit card statement that you have been charging my credit card for the last month and half charges that I didn’t quote or authorize.
You automatically put me in your new program that I hadn’t even completed any of the set up on it, in completely wrong zip code area I don’t work, sent leads and charged on my credit leads from those areas I don’t work etc. non of any of these leads were responded to because I don’t work in those areas and I didn’t have any knowledge that you were charging me for these thing till I recently received my credit card statement.
Only one did lead did I contact and bid which was a doggy door for a customer Dave S for $75.00 which you also charged for that the customer ended up calling me and telling me after I had a date set up with him to install it that his wife installed it! I am also requesting a credit for that lead also because customer did themselves!
I fiscally had to go in my account and completely shut it “all” down with your company until these charges are resolved!
At no time did I complete and approve this new way! It wasn’t even set up for the type of work I do.
Also I wasn’t going to do any of that until I finished my radiation treatments for cancer I was recently found having. At the same time in addition your company also stopped putting the amounts the quotes were costing so now we don’t know what a job is going to cost us to bid it until you charge it to our account! That all by itself is not going to work with me you’ve doubled the cost of quoted jobs now, we have no clue of how much the lead cost! If that’s the way it is you’ve lost me as a professional because I won’t do business like that! That’s ridiculous!
I need to resolve these charges on my account! If you look at my account they are obvious! That I responded to none because I had no clue this was happening!
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Re: Requesting refunds

Sounds like you have a lot going on and I want to see how I can help. I'll look into your account and send you private message with what I find.