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Re: Horrible Changes

I agree. They charged me nearly 50% of the quote. Customer service would not reverse the charge.

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Good evening should give a certain amount of credit to continue working
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Re: Let's talk about our pricing

You charged me, and no contact was made. And you charged way to much. Will not get anymore of my money. Your service is a rip off.
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Re: Quote - Thumbtack payment

And it's unfair if they message us but we are the wrong Pro and we still have to pay for them messaging us
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I got a “response” from a customer that said “Would love to, but $1,000 seems a bit too much for me unfortunately.” This is a rejection of my quote. Thumbtack will not refund me the money. This is, in my opinion, stealing. This is not s quality lead. .

Here is what they said:

It can be disappointing when customer changes their mind or tells you your price is too high.

“When you pay to send quotes on Thumbtack, the charge is valid as long as the customer views your quote and replies to it.. Once a customer views your quote, the job is yours to win. That is why we recommend sending a follow-up message to the customer. Follow-up messages are a quick and easy way to show that you’re still interested in the job, and you can send them for free.

Also, I see that you did send a follow up message and that is a good move on your end, especially that you mentioned about negotiating the price. You can also opt to call the customer, which is a much faster way to communicate with them. Be persistent in follow up, put yourself in the front door to let the customer know that you are the right pro for the job.

We wish you luck in winning this job.”

Essentially, the customer could respond to me with ANY statement and I will be charged. 



@dmbcpa13 I took the liberty of looking deeper into this for you and was able to view the contact you're referring to. Since the customers, initial response could be seen as both "open for negotiation", or a "thanks, but no thanks", I could see how this one is a little tough and confusing. For that reason I've gone ahead and given you a courtesy refund for this contact. 

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Well, considering the customer said nothing from that point out, we can be pretty sure it was a straight up rejection.

In fact, something like that should never be a charge unless there was at least a response of “I am interested in your profile and working with you, can you perform the service for a little cheaper?” I could understand a charge for that.

However, a flat out “sorry too expensive” is not a quality, negotiable lead and should never be a charge. 

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On a simmilar note:
Should I respond to a last minute inquiry ever again? Let's evaluate. A customer "picked me" a day before they needed my services. $15 if I wanted to quote for a balloon twisting gig for 10 kids. Customer acquisition is undeniably ridiculous at this rate but..

I opted to quote, with the understanding that I would be charged for the contact..The "contact". The customer I supposedly "contacted" doesn't have my information. I don't have theirs. They don't have my information because they never opened my quote, and Thumbtack is the only party with so much as their email address! I paid $15 for that email address, Thumbtack; YOUR WELCOME! Maybe consider sharing next time?

I have nothing to show for my money except a fairytale gig that may not even be real. There is no evidence to support that the "client" ever maintained use of the platform after creating their "lead".

Thumbtack: please give me a refund.


Re: Ripoff

@Nicowild it can definitely be tough when a customer doesn't reply back after the first initial contact. I checked your account and the contact to be sure and in this case, it won't be something that's refundable. I'll mention that anytime a customer contacts you, they'll have access to your contact information aside from being able to continue conversations with you in the messenger. 

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This definately beyond tough. I have paid roughly $300 + dollars on these type of "contacts".  They ask you to contact them and then nothing.

TT has been a great avenue for projects except for the last 6 months, the last few changes in the platform have really impacted my bottom line, I haven't gotten one productive lead in the last 6 months. I have tried all the new option TT has intrduced, not impressed.

Thinking about different avenues for 2019!