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Re: Requesting refunds

In my humble opinion, we should not be charged for people who are just "grazing" with no intention of actually hiring.

What is the first message

Funny, they call: What's your availability. Is the first message? 

I asked for a refund and they said......hahahahahah


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Re: What is the first message

@1111111111111 I'll be taking a second look into this contact. Keep an eye out for a direct message from me here soon. 

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Allowance for human error

Does TT give any allowance for the fact that the pros are human and will occasionally make a mistake on the app?

Re: Allowance for human error

@MMM_Memories based on the information you've given here and that you had a conversation with the customer, it seems like a lead that would not be up for a refund. However, I'd be happy to take a second look into this with you for full context. Feel free to send me a direct message including the customer's name. 

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Re: Allowance for human error

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Re: Allowance for human error

@MMM_Memories sorry for any misunderstanding. Feel free to send me a private message to Kameron or I with the name of the customer? We're happy to look into this for you! 

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Refunds for Cancelled Jobs


Thumbtack has a policy of refunding certain transactions / jobs based on several criteria. One of them is the fact that you may be elligible for a refund if "The job details change significantly."

I proceed to quote:

"If a customer contacts you about a job that’s drastically different from the original lead (for example: in a faraway location, or for a job you can’t do), save the details and dispute the charge."

I recently requested a refund for such an occurance, where a customer was not significantly invested in the project, missed a conference call, and after 3 follow-ups, state that "Sorry I cancelled the project".

So to TT refunds team, I argued that this is a significant change in requirements from a certain job is required > to > no job is required. Which is along the lines of I need a "Video edit" to "I need a tutor to teach me how to edit my own videos".

I go on to quote a support agent Lauren:

"For example, if a customer submitted a violin lessons request and then stated in their messaging that they were looking for singing lessons, that would be something whose details changed significantly. When a job is canceled, the customer still has your info for when they're ready to continue with the project. Because Thumbtack has marketed your business to them, it's not something we refund for.

The policy has always been regarding job details themselves. We do not refund for canceled jobs."

But TT does not interpret a cancelled job as changing in requirements, but neither does it state anywhere in the policy that such cases where such "Changing Requirements takes place due to Project Cancellation" are not eligible for a refund.

So if this is all a matter of policy that is silent on certain cases, why does my interpretation of the policy be any worse than an agent who refuses to acknowledge that it would fall under a refund policy. After all, that is only that individual's interpretation of policy. 

The agent goes on to say:

"I am just letting you know that we don't refund for canceled projects. Canceling a project or putting it on hold isn't something we refund for.

Our job and promise is to market your business to interested customers. We are advertising your business - that is what we guarantee to do. You paid for us to advertise your business.

We put you in front of a customer who expressed interest in working with you. It's really important that we're on the same page regarding what you're charged for. There's a complete layout of it here:  We have never guaranteed that you will get hired, but we're here to partner with you to help make sure you're spending more than you make."

But the discussion isn’t just about getting hired, the whole point of Thumbtack is that they created an opportunity to make money by connecting a needing customer and a willing professional to perform a job, and they take a fee for that, assuming there will be a mutually beneficial outcome. The customer gets served by pros who deliver the required service and get paid.

The concept breaks down when you introduce the reality of non-serious customers, non-responsive, forgetful, lazy, or even fake customers.

While neither pros or TT can control what the customer does, but Thumbtack does control what it does with the value of money paid by the pro to TT for a chance to get a business. TT can control what they do with money earned from supposedly providing a real opporunity to earn someone's business, and in the case where the real opportunity does not exist, may I ask then, what did the pro pay for?

To contact a person who wasn't serious about a job and cancelled it? In the specific case, me and another pro initiated contact. Thubmtack walked away with $30/contact x 2 = $60, the pros walked away with $0 x 2, better yet, -$30 each.

The last thing I will say, we expect nothing when we pay Google, Facebook, or Yelp the advertising money. We expect so much more from Thumbtack when we spend customer contact money.  Thumbtack, don't be another careless giant that state "policy says shut up and payup!" You by design are supposed to be better. Rise to the occatsion!

Unlike suggested, we the pros don't pay for future potetial job with a client that has proven to be non-realiable source of jobs, not a good communicator, and the job requirements change from something to nothing, etc. We pay to compete with one another on this platform, make money, and in turn, make you money!

What we are asking is a credit, not a refund, you get it back anyways. It is just a matter of using those dollars on real leads, real advertisements, serious customers, responsive customers, etcetera. But I will fight for every penny we spend here, especially for lackluster, fake, non-responseive, ghosting customers that TT puts us in touch with. Because then it feels like we didn't spend it, we gave it away, wasted it, and will never see a benefit from it.

It becomes even more frustrating when as a pro, you are doing ALL of the recommended best practices  but continuously are bogged down by such bad leads and issues that TT is slow to address and tackle. I don' think you are here to succeed, while we fail. I don't think you are here to cash in advertisement dollars and profit as the pros continously dump money into the platform but see no return. You have to be concious that you are selling value. And if you sold something that has no value, at least give us the courtesy of another chance with the money we gave you. Because the day that we lose faith in TT, we stop using the platform, and that is not good for your TT business.

Thumbtack - we expect better! And believe that you can do better!


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Incorrect lead

Hey there,

I would like to request a refund for an incorrect lead that we have received. The customer stated his website is built on WordPress, but it was not. How can we submit a request for a refund and address this in more detail.

Kind regards.

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Re: Incorrect lead

Hey @TechBear, if you'll send me a direct message including the customer's name on the lead I can definitely take a look for you.