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they do not help with reimbursement I spend and thumbtack wins, the money

I'm asking reimbursement of a fee that does not accept because the price is too high for a client who described his work poorly and do not want to help me the client is amrit  , because he tells me he is eligible if it is a match for me but because I am going to pay so high for something that is not worth it, simply because the client makes a mistake describing a job greater than what he really is, I lose money and you win is  as they show to me the policies of reemboolso show the policies where they explain to the client that describe what they really want because the pros that they contact will pay for what they publish and describe

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I'm "offered" a job a thousand miles from my clearly defined area of operations then forced to pay for it??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

I specifically defined where I'm willing to work; why is my profile even shown to people outside that area???

All I want to know is HOW DO I GET A REFUND???

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Re: .

@OrlandoBodygaur I'd like to take a look into that specific lead with you. Feel free to send me a direct message including the customer's name and we can work to find some answers for you on this.

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I am posting this to let the community know that I feel your concerns with refund request.  It's truly a system that is unfair and unbalanced.   Here is my recent experience.

We Pros understand that there are guideline that TT has to follow - but not having any flexibility on a case by case evaluation is not fair.  Since I am not allowed to post my hourly rate, or ANY rate in Video Production, I have customers that click on me just to ask for an estimate then they never respond back.  Why is that acceptable?  It is hard to understand that we can not simply put at least a price range in.  I am able to put my hourly rate in two other catagories.  So when I ask for a refund when someone is JUST asking my rate and I don't hear back - and the fee is $26.85 - that is where the balance of fairness is way off.  And I had 6 of those in July - didn't book any.

Today I asked for a refund for a client Leah R. - this customer contacted me for my videography services and asked "requested a phone call".  Cost was $28.84.  I responded in less than a minute.  She contacted 3 of us.  One person never responded and the other pro contacted her 2 hours later.  After not hearing back from Leah in a hour - I messaged back asking if she wanted to set a time up, etc.  Then Leah immediatly "closed the request".  She didn't hire or respond to any of the three of us.  This is a perfect example how TT can be a little more empathetic in refunds.  I was refused a refund. 

I spent $300 in July and recieved 18 leads - booked 2 - with a profit of $85.  If TT is not willing to budge on some of the awful leads, leads that don't respond, leads that ask for our availability when we would not be promoted to them if we were not available . . .  then there is nothing that is keeping me inspired, hopeful or motivated to stay with Thumbtack.  Not for any of us.  And for those who are new to the site, you have to know that I have been with Thumbtack for almost 5 years and had great succedss the first 4 years until "promote" went into effect.  Actual, it started when they tried "instant match".  My business dropped off 99% immediatly.  My cost used to average about $85 a month with a solid 5 bookings a month.  It's truly been awful and I really feel for the customer services team who has to listen to so many complaints on the same matters day after day.  Marco knows about these issues and realizes that we are loosing money which is why "big changes are coming" - what we have been hearing since last March.  In the meantime, still accepting our money when he knows the platform has major issues.  Therefore, If you know that things are not going well and top pros are loosing out, then being more flexible in refunds should be the right thing to do.  Case by case of course. 

When a customer reaches out to me and asks for a phone call then immediately closes their request after I follow up - I should be given a refund.  Or at least I should get the customers phone number.  I am out $28.84 for what?  It's not like the customer kept the request open and was interacting with other pros.   Review the case and make a all around decision.  Truly unfair.   Think about it - TT profit from just my account was $300 for July.  My July profit was $85.  No empathy or willingness to time I've been with Thumbtack, or that I am a Top Pro . . . no encouragement at all.  Even the customer service team member recommended I take a "break" from the site.  Because I do have that choice.

I will stay off this site for the most part until I see the "big changes" notice that goes out.  Hopefully its before the end of this year.  

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I am whole heartedly agree with all that you said. I think that not referring phone numbers is a huge issue. If the customer requests a phone call, but instead gets a message through the Thumbtack platform, then that alone is not positioning you to be able to close on the “lead”. It is without a doubt making the Pros appear unprofessional.


Hello JCP,

How frustrating for you. 

I think a stride towards a solution would be to educate the clients.

Once, about four years ago, I contacted TT out of curiosity about a project I was working on. I had NO IDEA that pros were being charged by my inquiry!! I was just curious! It would have completely changed how I approached the pros!

Here was my suggestion. Have this message (or something like it) pop up before they can move forward. 

"Dear customer. Please do not contact the professionals asking for a price lower than what is quoted. These are their fixed starting prices. Each time you contact one of our professionals they are charged for the privilege of speaking to you. If you are solely focused on PRICE, those are clearly listed on the profiles." 

JCP, this would only work for you if you could list at least a starting rate. 

I have had a great experience with TT so far. But, I wonder how much attention or willingness to address this issue will occur since they profit off of these charges. 


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Your suggestion has been given to TT many, many times. By many other pros. And I agree. I’ve had customers say they would have never wasted my money by reaching out to me if the knew the cost to us. I even screen shot several and sent to TT. Because too many people simply ask “wants an estimate “ - or “wants your availability”. When I am ONLY being promoted to them because I am available AND my starting price is there!

Also, in my Video Production category we can not even post a price AT ALL. No rate is shown to the customer. Not even a starting rate. Six customers in July contacted me just to ask my price. Then most ghosted me. At $28+ a request .... seems entirely unfair. Like my post says: my July profit was $85. Thumbtack profit $300. Something wrong here. I’m off Thumbtack for the month if not longer until I hear of these big changes that are supposed to help us. I got back on a competitor site and booked two customer immediately. Two out of 3 - sounds promising. That’s what always worked - me choosing if the lead is worth it to contact.

Unfortunately, Thumbtack would not fair too well if they educate the customer and let them know of the fee we are charged. Because it is apparently obvious that getting potential customers to “clicking” on anything - click here click there, here are more pros you can reach out to .... that is the goal. That’s how Thumbtack profits.

To not allow a refund when a customer clearly made a error and immediately closed their request 1 hour after posting after my second request to call me- actually NEVER contacting either of the 2 who responded. And this customer asked for a phone conversation. Shameful that the customer service people can not help when they also agree. It’s not as if the customer left the request open and was corresponding like 99.9% of the other customers in my inbox.. I mean - I the last year I’ve only ever seen 1 other person “close “ their request. But to keep my money? Awful. So Miss Meckell - look it up - Leah Aug 3.

Moderator Meckell


Hey there @jcp. If you look at the quote message between you and Leah, you'll see that they hired a different pro, the request was not closed.

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Meckell - if you clearly look at the lead you will see that Leah had three pros she contacted. I got my first notice at 12:24 and responded at 12:25.

I responded in 1 minute.
Pro A never responded
Pro B responded in 2 hours

I recieved a alert at 1:42 that Leah "closed the request" - this is IMMEDIATELY after my 2nd attempt to contact her at 1:43. Which was one hour and 20 minutes after she reached out to me asking to call me. When I went to my coversation on line it said "hired a different pro". Which was different than "closed the request". SO, how could Pro B respond in two hours?  And why two different messages?  "closed" "hired a different pro"

I feel pretty confident that she didn't contact Pro B either. Let alone hire Pro B. If she did - well then say so. It will clear the matter.
Asking for a phone conversation and paying that fee and not hearing from them? My money should have at least provided me with THEIR contact information. This is one of many business practices that Thumbtack currently goes by that is becoming known in the marketplace and its just truly heartbreaking.  

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@Meckell - any response back? Why did I get a notification alert that said “customer closed request” and then in the conversation message it said “hired another pro”? Any response back how a customer can “close” a request an hour after posting and pro B can still respond in 2 hours - AFTER the customer closed the request? Can you tell me IF customer hired different pro then .... she must have hired Pro B . That’s the only other pro listed. The whole request is suspicious, messaging wrong, they never called me. I did everything right. Responded less than a minute, I followed up an hour later. I have kept my profile, samples and preferences up to par, Top Pro status every year I’ve been with TT. I profited $85 last month and TT profited $300 from me. $300!!! The most ever in five years I’ve had to pay out. Triple from the first 4 years on this site. And Thumbtack can’t even reimburse me $28.84 from this lead? Officially off this site now until major changes. Again, please read the public statement that Marco wrote way back in March about how he is going to change things knowing many of us are not happy about paying for leads that are not right. Marco Knowing we are not happy but Marco not willing to refund for mistakes, errors, unfairness, etc. Just shameful. Certainly glad that there are sites like Bark and Gigsalad that I can successfully invest with. I’ve built a great profile on this site - I am still hoping these changes come soon. No longer am I willing to lose money with this site. Two months in a row!