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Re: The future decline of Thumbtack due to "instant match" and now "promo

@Kameron"Before you would pay for each quote that you sent regardless of whether the customer actually even responded. Now you only pay when the customer either responds to your quote, or took the time to find, compare, review, and contact you from the list of other pros available. This has shown overall to be of much more value than in the system we used in the past. "


How is this system working better ?  When so very often, the customer takes the time to find, compare, review and then contact the pro....then never respond to replys from the pro.   Exactly how is it better to pay $75 for that than to pay $12 or $15.  ????


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Re: The future decline of Thumbtack due to "instant match" and now "promo

@Kameron"The new system lets us give customers the instant results they expect" 

If that's true, then why am I still seeing days go by sometimes before pro's respond to a customers request... it seems that the instant gratification isnt happening...