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Re: Set a minimum budget for leads

I also believe this would work for me. It feels like the Job Posters have gravitated to Thumbtack in search for the lowest possible cost when they already have an idea that their project is going to cost more than the market rate. And Thumbtack should be reinforcing the idea that Thumbtack is not the place where the lowest rate is guaranteed. They should require Job Posters to read an essay on value and price. Something along the lines of this attributed to Bengamin Franklin: "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price."


John C Hansen, LEED AP
Hansen Home Inspections
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Re: Set a minimum budget for leads

If it is a matter of Thumbtack losing revenue if they implemented this feature, then I would suggest a different model. I would rather pay a percentage of the price of my closed sales. That way Thumbtack would make more money and my money spent would be well spent.

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Re: Set a minimum budget for leads

It's a very good point. My wallet is always open for business. If it's working I'll be the first one to pay. What's going on now does not interest me one bit.

You just got $220

Wow, TT just made $220 from a request in a second. Nice job! The next Fortune 500!

If I set my minimum rate and they can still contact me. What is the purpose of that setting?






Re: You just got $220

@1111111111111 if you look at the payments section of your account, you'll see that you were charged $22.09 for this job, not $220. Sorry for any confusion! Upon that, I just did a search for a Wedding Photographer in your area for four hours and am seeing the correct price that you have set in your preferences. If you'd like to double check this, feel free to look yourself up. Please reach out if you run into any questions! 

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Re: You just got $220

They contacted 10 people! That's 22x10=220! If someone just for fun and keeps asking people. How much $ are we gonna lose? It's a win-win situation. If we keep losing money and you never fix the problem. There is one thing will happen. 

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Why are we not instant matched based on budget??

I am a wedding photographer and frequently get instant matched with people where their budget is 1/2 (sometimes even more than that!) my quoted price. I am paying upwards of $30 for these leads that will never turn into a paying gig because we are not a match. People will either ghost or respond saying I'm out of budget, which is totally fine! I am out of their buget, again we are not a match. But I still always get a little green check for "budget" saying that we're a good fit. 

Why does Thumbtack not filter based on budget? And moreover, why do I not get a refund when someone's budget is $750 and my price is $2,000? I guess I will turn off instant match or put this money that I'm throwing away into advertising. Which is so sad because I've been using Thumbtack for ages. 


Re: Why are we not instant matched based on budget??

@leahgoetzel I appreciate you sharing your feedback on this. This is something we've been hearing more often from pros and I'll be sharing your feedback on this as I understand how this scenario repeated could be frustrating. When this does happen we recommend reaffirming your prices to the customer along with letting them know all of what that price includes along with the top-level service you provide. 

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Re: Why are we not instant matched based on budget??

Hey Kameron, 

Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, in such a saturated field, reaffirming my quality and service to someone whose budget is more than $1000 under my quoted price will not do anything. Also "when this happens" is multiple times a day. I've booked maybe 2 weddings but probably spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I will be turning off instant match until this is changed. Thanks. 

How can we block leads from customers who want us to essentially volunteer our services?

I keep running into customers who want me to provide services for a 60-90% discount of my clearly listed prices - these are customers who see my profile and prices and reach out to me.


Will Thumbtack provide any protection so that customers don't try to take advantage of us? Any filter for customers whose budget doesn't match our prices? Any better pricing options so that our prices are more clear to customers? We're essentially forced to list prices - but the only means we have of doing so makes it unclear to customers.


Or at least not charge us for these leads, as if they are quality leads?

When I ask for a refund I am almost always denied and told this is a lead worth paying for.