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Thoughts on Thumbtack as a music teacher

Thumbtack has been a huge help to me and I would not be able to be running my own home music studio without it! Just wanted to share some thoughts on the system and what's not really working for me as a music teacher. 

Multiple instruments: I teach 5 instruments, but I have to target my lessons for each instrument separately. This means my budget either has to be really high, or I am always going to be limiting my options. If I had a $50 budget and gave 10 to each instrument, I might miss end up missing out on students because one instrument is more in demand than enother this week but my budget is already full. If I could target all 5 isntruments at once with that $50 then I would be able to indiscriminately see all my options for each instrument every week.

Location: As an online teacher my location is still unclear to people and I lose out on a significant amount of leads that I pay for each week because people list "lessons can be done over the internet or phone" without realizing it and have no interest in taking lessons online. 

Lead Pricing: The lead prices seem way too high to me most of the time. Often I turn down students who I think could work out because the lead is $9. On, the cost of reaching out to someone is consistent and only a little over $3.  

Scheduling times: I am not sure how the system defines evening, morning and afternoon hours. I work with people in different time zones and evening to me might not be evening to them or vice versa. I want to be able to list the times I am available accurately so I wont be paying money to target times I don't have. 

Reviews: The review system has let people review me twice who had not even taken a lesson with me. Luckily they were nice reviews, but it concerns me that all a potential student has to do is claim that they hired me to write a review. I don't feel that thumbtack has a system that protects against bad reviews.

Email notifications: I was getting pinged with leads and muted my email notifications to give myself a little peace of mind, but there is no option to mute leads without muting messages. It would be great to have separate email notifications for these so that I can continue be notified when I am getting responses.

Just thought I'd share these thoughts. Any other music teachers out there having similar issues?


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Re: Thoughts on Thumbtack as a music teacher

Getting a review without being hired is such an oversight by thumbtack
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