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Level 4

Thumbtack Woes

I'd love to see the following changes. Whatcha all think?

  • Figure out a way to categorize those undercutting the norms
  • Require clients to put their budget for everything and make sure they know if their budget is below the norm.
  • If a client asks for something that makes no sense or is an utter waste of time, let someone tell them without getting charged. 
  • Stop charging us for clients who never reply or start ghosting us. I'd rather pay TT a commission for clients who purchase from me rather than blindly throwing money at people who reply once and disappear. 
  • Properly categorize everything related to tech. For example, a broken screen isn't data recovery. 
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Re: Thumbtack Woes

In my case, as a pet sitter, I would like to see that the client HAS to fill out when they need pet sitting. I am not going to waste money bidding on something when I don't know when they need service. It should be required, or state that they are "just looking" for possible future services.

Level 4

Re: Thumbtack Woes

Also getting sick of getting charged for an availability check, when I reply and the customer ghosts.