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Weekly budget hit, now what?

Hello All,

I'm fairly new to thumbtack. This week I hit my weekly budget off of one message that was basically telling me I was underqualified... That sucks. My question is now that I hit my budget, I know I can still place quotes, but what happens if I get hired off that? Do I end up going beyond my budget or will there be no cost?

Thank you!
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Moderator Kameron

Re: Weekly budget hit, now what?

@Bellsullivanpho first off I'd like to say welcome to Thumbtack and the Pro Community! Once you've hit your budget you can still see jobs coming into your Jobs page. 

If you reach your budget during the week, you can take one of three steps:

  1. Increase your budget to continue meeting new customers.
  2. Keep your budget, but you won’t appear in search results until the next week.
  3. Lower your budget, but the new limit won’t take effect until the next week.

Keep in mind that each Service you offer has its own individual budget and that your budgets reset every Monday. 


I also noticed that you had some new messages from customers in your Inbox that you may not have seen yet. 
Hope that clears things up but let me know if you have additional questions Smiley Happy

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