Whats up with these leads!

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I have tried to be positive and helpful to this growing platform. Im am one of the few that have defended Thumbtack as it has tried to grow and bring business. I barely complain and when I have brought up concerns, I have appreciated Thumbtack for taking action.

Lately, I have been really disappointed with the leads coming in. It seems, maybe for my industry, there isnt much coming in for Thumbtack so they are looking anywhere they can find revenue. The leads coming dont make sense or are outright BS. 

Some of these customers are replying about the silliest things. No one replies that they dont like my pricing. They simply hire the best price for them and keep it moving.

No one puts in next week as a request but changes their mind and wants same day service. Im hoping that Thumbtack takes the time to generate better leads as these leads have gotten more expensive. I go out of my way to keep a high rating for myself and for the platform to build trust on both ends.

I do home improvement and its much slower in the winter for us and each penny counts. I appreciate that Thumbtack has provided me a platform to grow my business but these leads need to be a little better. 

Larry Smith- Top Pro

Excalibur Smart Homes 

New Jersey