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Where did I go wrong with this lead?

Can someone tell me where I went wrong. I responded to her emails immediately and was able to accommodate her. Even followed up and no response. And I paid for this!

Thank you very much for reaching out. Unfortunately we are in a bit of a time crunch. Do you have any availability for tomorrow, saturday, or sunday?

3:25 PM
Yes I can do Saturday! What time works for you?

4:26 PM
Friday, Aug 30th
Hello just following up to see if you were interested in booking for Saturday?
12:53 PM
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Moderator Kameron

Re: Where did I go wrong with this lead?

@cgema I think you did a great job in responding to this customer. Unfortunately, it seems like they may have been short on time and chose another route, but I did notice that you received a courtesy refund for this contact.

Your quote message is really great! It's clear, simple, and to the point. One small tip I have would be to insert your phone number in the quote message. Since they were short on time, it may have helped the customer get back to you a bit more quickly as opposed to the messenger.

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Re: Where did I go wrong with this lead?

This happened to me enough times to get annoyed at this point because I lost a good amount of money because of people just reaching out.